Internet Recoils After Man Finds Snakes Eating Eggs in Pantry: 'Ssnackish'

The internet has been left shocked this week after a viral Reddit post terrified viewers when some unusual visitors were found inside a pantry in Georgia.

Posted on Friday on the popular subreddit r/natureismetal, user u/Rezenebe shared a picture of two snakes sitting around a bowl of eggs with the caption: "I keep my duck eggs in my pantry and heard a lot of commotion in there and found this."

With more than 24,000 upvotes, the discovery has prompted Redditors to head to the comments and share their shock.

In a later comment, the poster explained: "We renovated this bathroom into a pantry and there are still holes in the sheetrock from the sink plumbing. The snakes came through the crawlspace, into the wall, and up into the pantry. One snake had already eaten an egg and the other looked like it was trying to mate."

"Might be time to seal some holes," wrote one Reddit user. While another commenter said: "I would lay an egg if I found snakes in my pantry."

Meanwhile, another commenter said: "You won't have to worry about rodents with them around, but fresh duck eggs are a high price for the pest control."

"I had no idea they could sniff them out, that's crazy," said the poster.

In fact, snakes do have an amazing sense of smell—perfect for making up for their poor eyesight and limited hearing. But Live Science explains that snakes actually do their best sniffing with a special pair of organs on the roof of their mouths called the Jacobson's organ. Snakes will often smell something with their nose and this will trigger the tongue-flicking behavior that allows them to hone in on a scent.

After stumbling on the visitors, u/Rezenebe explained that they caught them and took them eight miles away to release them, only to return home and find another snake in the pantry—and all the eggs gone.

"Jesus, here I am worrying about ants when I drop crumbs on the floor," joked one commenter. While another said: "Probably best to set fire to the house and move on."

"Someone's a bit ssnackish," said one comment. Other viewers of the picture suggested that the snakes may have been on a date, one commenter joked: "It's a date, light a candle," and another said: "Looks like you caught them on a date."

Multiple other commenters identified the snakes as Eastern rat snakes. A non-venomous snake that grows between 3.5 and 7 feet long, they have shiny black scales on their back and light-colored bodies. Often living in fields, woodlands, farmlands, and suburban communities from Connecticut to Georgia as well as west to the middle of Kansas and Oklahoma.

Despite some fear, many commenters shared their joy at seeing the reptiles. One Redditor said: "Aside from stealing your eggs, they are very good and beneficial snakes that are harmless to humans. Thanks for relocating and not killing your scaly new friends," while another suggested that: "They look very polite."

Newsweek has reached out to u/Rezenebe for comment.

Snake on rock and basket of eggs
A stock photo of a rat snake on a rock, left, and a file photo of a basket of bird eggs, right. The internet has been left stunned after a man shared how he found snakes 'sssnacking' on his duck eggs in his Georgia home. Getty Images/Kutredrig/JanMacuch