Bride Asks Guest To Give Up Wedding Villa for Her Family, Sparks Outrage

The internet has sided with a woman who refused to give up the accommodation she had booked for a wedding despite a request from the bride to let her family stay there.

In a post that has gone viral with over 9,400 upvotes and over 900 comments, Reddit user u/Aggressive-Poetry135, explained the situation and the reasoning behind her decision.

The post was made on the subreddit group "Am I the A**hole," where users ask the community to weigh in on various situations.

The Reddit user said her husband's friend was getting married and the pair had been invited to the ceremony in Spain.

Upon hearing of the date, the Reddit user said she booked flights and accommodation as soon as possible to ensure they had the widest choice of available accommodation.

She said she and her husband were able to secure a three-bed villa with a private pool. She also said she wanted a private pool for body-conscious reasons.

"I recently lost a lot of weight and have a lot of loose skin, I am not comfortable at all with anyone besides my husband seeing my body," she wrote.

"I didn't want to stay in a hotel with a pool, instead I booked out a 3-bed villa with a pool."

The Reddit user said her husband's friend and wife-to-be later asked if they would stay somewhere else so the bride's family could instead stay at their accommodation.

The Reddit user said the soon-to-be-married couple was willing to pay them the money they initially paid for the villa.

"There are now no homes with private pools available and the hotels cost just about the same as the 3-bed villa and I can't use the pool so I'm getting less for my money," the Reddit user wrote.

"I refused and opened up about why I wanted a private pool."

The Reddit user said the bride-to-be initially was understanding but upon repeated refusal, the bride began launching insults.

The Reddit user concluded by saying she doesn't feel she should be made to feel uncomfortable during her stay after planning ahead.

"This is the only time we can afford to go away so although we are going for the wedding, it's also a holiday for us and why should I have to be uncomfortable on my break," the Reddit user added.

The total cost of destination weddings may vary and are influenced by many factors, according to a report from the website Brides. These factors include the number of days abroad, the number of events, the U.S. dollar-to-local currency exchange rate and the time of year.

"The total average price of a destination wedding, whether local or international is about $33,391," according to a report from the Wedding Forward website. The report added that the bulk of the money goes into travel.

Numerous users defended the original poster and firmly argued it was the bride and groom who were in the wrong.

One comment, that received over 16,000 upvotes, insisted the bride's behavior was very unfriendly.

"NTA [not the a**hole]. So the a**hole asked a favor, got turned down and decided to insult you in order to make you do what she asked?" a person commented.

"She certainly doesn't sound like much of a friend to me."

Another remarked that the couple getting married should have planned better.

"How is it that the couple getting married don't have their sh*t together with booking rooms for the wedding they're planning. It's not like this was a surprise," a person said in a comment.

Another added: "Wouldn't the first thing you do [be to book] out the rooms you need for immediate family and the 'absolutely must attends' before you even send out the invitations?"

Another comment highlighted the idiom, "the early bed gets the worm" to explain why the Reddit poster was not the a**hole.

"It's not like the bride is saying 'Hey, our hotel canceled on us, and now we're scrambling.' and trying to see what they can do," the user wrote.

"No, she's asking the people who planned way ahead to take care of people who procrastinated. The early bird gets the worm and the late bird is the a**hole if he whines."

Newsweek has contacted u/Aggressive-Poetry135 for comment.

A woman took to Reddit to ask whether she was the "a**hole" in a situation. She refused to give up her accommodation for the bride's family. Getty Images