Internet Shocked After Worker Says Boss 'Compared COVID to the Holocaust' in Viral Post

A Reddit post is gaining traction after a worker's manager supposedly "compared COVID to the Holocaust" during a recent meeting. It has shocked a lot of people, and many are offering advice to the Redditor in the situation.

The post, which has been upvoted over 9,000 times, was posted to the subreddit r/antiwork on January 19 by u/Recent_Bite3653. The post is titled, "My manager just compared COVID to the Holocaust in a meeting."

The original poster (OP) revealed in a weekly meeting their manager proceeded to go on a "rant about COVID and COVID restrictions."

The OP continued: "She started speaking on the protests in Europe and made comparisons to pre-WWll. She said she would love to see that here. She went on about how the parallels are uncanny and humans are losing their rights like the Jews. I refuse to work with MTG and the like."

The OP, who revealed in a comment they "had Jewish family," said they are considering drafting a notice of leave, and they asked for recommendations from fellow Redditors.

Woman upset with laptop
The Internet is shocked after a worker said their boss "compared COVID to the Holocaust" in a Reddit post. Here, a woman looks upset in front of her computer. WEEDEZIGN/GETTY

The comparison of COVID mitigation and restrictions to the Holocaust is nothing new in recent years. From politicians to social media personalities to everyday people, the comparison has become a topic of discussion. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene even compared the House mask mandate to wearing a yellow star—the badge that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe—although she later apologized.

Numerous people weighed in on the situation on Reddit, and many offered advice to the OP. "Start sending out resumes...," a Redditor advised. "In the meantime, if your company has an HR, I would report your manager to them." The OP revealed they are "in the process right now of doing both."

While another thought the OP should see how HR handles things before leaving the company. They also added, "It'll probably be a disappointment, but you never know. Once you make the complaint, you are protected by federal law from retaliation."

One person's advice received 6,600 upvotes. They said to write everything down about what the manager said, advising the worker to send it to human resources. "HR usually will only protect upper management, but if your manager did something so colossally stupid in front of [an] audience, then they'll have to protect the company more than the manager in question. HR is not your friend, but in this case, you can use them."

Another person applauded the creator of the post saying, "Thanks for standing up to anti-Semitism."

Some people didn't mince words with their thoughts. "Your boss is f**king disgusting and sounds like an entitled SOB," they said.

One Reddit user said the statements are "a really common sentiment among reactionary people that is based on them misunderstanding what the teeniest bit of oppression would actually look like."

Others had comments like, "Sorry you're dealing with such ignorance," and "Tell me you've never studied the history of the Holocaust without telling me you've never studied the history of the Holocaust."

Another simply said, "This is disgusting. I don't get how people are comfortable making these kinds of comparisons."

One Redditor thought the worker's manager should visit a Holocaust museum. "I don't understand how some people can be this f**king stupid," they added.

While another called it "unprofessional as well." They also said, "Time to report them to HR."

However, some people had different replies. "Bro this sub looks for any reason to b**ch and moan," a user said.

Newsweek reached out to u/Recent_Bite3653 for comment.