Internet Slams Disney Guest Who Gropes Gaston Actor in Viral Video

A six-year-old video recently resurfaced after TikToker Evan Snead shared the footage with his followers. The video showed a Disney guest groping a Gaston character actor during a meet and greet, upsetting Snead and hundreds online.

Though character meet and greets are currently suspended at the parks, Snead hoped park goers will refrain from harassing the actors once guests are free to interact with them again.

"Girl harasses Gaston and he (rightfully) forces her to LEAVE," read the text overlay in Snead's video. As of publication time, the video had 13 million views.

The video opened with a clip from the older video, which showed the guest approach Gaston as he leaned against a wall. When she reached him, she immediately grabbed his chest with both of her hands and looked off to the side with a smirk on her face. The actor playing Gaston grabbed the woman by the elbow and told her to "get out."

But the woman didn't listen. She remained firmly planted next to the actor and laughed as he told her to leave. When she tried to stroke his chest again, he pushed her hand away.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yep, you're done," he said as she walked off. "There's [sic] children."

According to Inside the Magic, the original footage was pulled from a 2015 YouTube video; however, the video has since been removed from the platform for "violating YouTube's terms of service."

The TikTok video then cut to Snead, who began to admonish the woman for her behavior.

"Please do not be that person," he said to the camera.

"If you don't want a stranger going up to you in public, at your place of work, and putting their hands all over you, then don't do it to the characters," he continued. "The characters want you to have a great time and enjoy meeting them, but it is their place of work — it is a family place of business. And they are also people."

He then reminded viewers not to be rude to the characters or use inappropriate language when speaking with them.

For the health and safety of guests and cast members, Disney has currently suspended character meet and greets throughout its parks. Guests can still wave to characters as they pass by in cavalcades, or take socially distanced selfies with characters in designated areas, but guests cannot hug characters or stand directly beside them for photos.

Disney has not announced when meet and greets will return.

Regardless, commenters were horrified by the guest's behavior in Snead's video.

"The fact [that] she didnt [sic] seem to understand why he was making her leave infuriates me," said Jiffyvee16. "Why would you think it's OK to touch somebody you don't know!"

"Idk about y'all but one of the first lessons I learned in grade school was 'keep your hands to yourself,'" kidkrista added.

"Bro the embarrassment," commented Avino256. "How would [you] even think of groping a person."

Edward Cordeiro replied: "No one sings like Gaston/ No one smiles like Gaston/ No one life bans you from the park like Gaston!"

The internet slams a Disney guest who gropes Gaston actor in a viral video. Handout / Handout/Getty

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