Internet Slams Fiancée Who Wanted to Include 'the Guys' on Honeymoon

A Redditor is in hot water after telling his fiancée he suggested "the guys" join them on their upcoming honeymoon.

User Due-Understanding536 posted on the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" forum in a post now voted on over 13,000 times that the destination he and his fianceé chose for their honeymoon has always been a "dream destination" for him and his friends.

"When I told them where we'd plan our honeymoon they said how jealous they are and how they wish they could also go," he wrote. "I told them that we could consider the idea of making this a friend inclusive honeymoon and they were very excited with the idea."

In 2018, Martha Stewart Weddings wrote about this trend referred to as "buddymoons"—or group honeymoons.

Jonathan Bennett, a relationship and life coach and certified counselor, told the outlet that he suspected the trend comes from the departure of the "traditional" focus of a honeymoon.

"I can see buddymoons becoming more popular for one main reason: With more couples living together and having sex before marriage, the traditional honeymoon as a romantic getaway to focus on sex has lost a lot of its original purpose," Bennett said.

The Redditor wrote that he thought the idea to include his friends was "a great choice."

"I announced it to my fiancée the other day and I thought she'd find it a cool idea but she got completely mad at me and started crying and telling me how much of an inconsiderate AH I am," the Redditor wrote.

He said he explained to her that he did not do it "with malice" and said she can tell some of her friends to join as well.

Cheers at sunset
A Redditor is receiving backlash online after posting that he asked his friends to join him for his honeymoon. This stock photo shows two people holding wine glasses on a beach. kieferpix/Getty Images

Commenters were quick to slam the Redditor for the move saying it's a sign "of whats to come" in the marriage later on.

"Sis better recognize that this is a sign of what's to come," one comment read. "OP turned his honeymoon into a bro trip. Discussed it with his friends before even discussing it with his soon to be wife. Said she COULD invite a few of her friends if she really wanted to. And, he cant even understand why she is upset."

Another commenter pointed out that what made the offense especially bad was not the idea itself but the fact that he brought it up with his friends before his soon-to-be wife.

"YTA for not talking to your fiancée first. I don't think the idea is terrible in and of itself. Some couples might love to have a friends' trip honeymoon," the commenter wrote. "However, your fiancée evidently isn't one of those people. Your honeymoon is first and foremost about one another, which means you both have to agree to what the trip is going to be."

The commenter continued that the Redditor has also put his fiancée in the position of appearing like the "bad guy" to his friends for calling the trip off.

"To prevent that, I suggest you tell the guys you reconsidered and decided you would love to plan a return trip to the resort with them another time, but that you'd prefer to focus on celebrating your marriage with your new wife this time," the comment continued. "They'll still suspect she's the one behind calling off the trip, so you'd better do everything you can to assure them that's not the case. And apologize profusely to your fiancée."

Something in the comment seemed to strike a chord with the Redditor who responded to it with "​​You're right. I'll try to make it up to her."

Newsweek reached out Due-Understanding536 for comment.