Internet Slams Man 'Jealous' of Wife's Family Time as Dad Battles Cancer

The internet has slammed a man's "jealous" reaction to his wife spending time with her parents and brother after a viral post on Mumsnet.

Shared on Sunday by the user vbnm89, the post has received hundreds of comments. On the popular forum page AIBU (am I being unreasonable?), the user wrote: "My parents are in their late 70s and have had a tough couple of years. My dad isn't well but is doing OK. They enjoy good food and theatre. So a couple of times a year they treat my brother and me to a theatre show and a meal out.

"My husband doesn't like this—I think it is jealousy—he says it is selfish of my parents to exclude him, my sister-in-law, and the grandchildren."

In a later comment, the poster shared that her father has incurable cancer—and although he is doing really really well, the family does feel he is on borrowed time.

According to a Statista survey, cancer was the second leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2020.

User vbnm89 went on to explain that her husband hates eating out and visiting the theater, and so wouldn't enjoy the trips, but says that the money would be better spent "taking us all out for lunch or to a theme park."

"I think he is overreacting," wrote the poster. "But he says they are selfish and next time they invite me out I [should] say it is all of us or none of us. Opinions please."

A report by human behavior research lab Science of People said that the top 5 issues married couples fight about include free time, money, housework, physical intimacy, and extended family.

Relationship coach Ceza Ouzounian told Newsweek: "We all have different needs and we all have different tolerances to how much time we spend with our partners. Some people need more space than others. If this isn't communicated to the other person, they may not be aware of it or take it personally, which then leads to fights."

Commenters on the discussion site were shocked by the story, slamming the husband's reaction. One user wrote: "I think it's lovely that you do something with just your parents and sibling. It's not every month is it, your husband does just sound jealous." Another said: "You are not remotely being unreasonable. I think he is being really weird about this all and controlling. There is obviously something deeper going on."

"He's not invited so it's literally nothing to do with him," said one Mumsnet user.

"You have a miserable, insecure husband. Do not give in to his insecurities. Stand your ground on all the good things you enjoy and don't let him drag you down to his level," wrote another.

Ouzounian explained that the best course of action may be exploring why the husband is jealous. She said: "What is behind that jealousy? Are there feelings of abandonment or being left out getting triggered?

"Does he not have a close relationship with his parents? Does he want someone to treat him? This exploration can be hugely helpful to move past arguments and come to agreements that are suitable for each person."

After the responses rolled in, the poster shared an updated reply: "Wow so many responses. I am seriously re-evaluating my relationship with my husband," she wrote. "I got a bit emotional this morning as my dad sent me a lovely text saying what a fabulous day he had yesterday and we must do it again."

One commenter replied: "Treasure your parents, and these outings, while you've still got them."

Woman and older father
A file photo of a woman sitting with an older man talking. A husband has come under fire online after his jealous reaction to his wife spending time with her parents. fizkes/Getty Images