Internet Slams Man Banning Sister's Involvement in Wedding She's Paying For

Reddit users have backed a woman who said she is being involved in any decision-making, despite funding it with her own money.

Shared on Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" [AITA] page by an anonymous 31-year-old woman from Northern Ireland, in the U.K., the post garnered more than 15,000 upvotes and 2,340 comments since it was uploaded on Sunday.

User u/Downtown-Bowler admitted splashing £25,000 ($33,973) for her 29-year-old brother's wedding.

She said: "I said I'd pay for it, as it is small with 100 guests and set up a wedding account for them into which I put £25,000 which they both have access to.

"SIL's [sister-in-law] entire family are involved as bridesmaids and groomsmen. My husband and I are guests. Brother and SIL have been going around venues with her family and I get emailed the costing if it's selected.

"I told my brother I don't mind paying for the wedding but I feel really weird that everyone else is involved in the decision and I'm just involved with paying. Brother has said that I'm not our parents, I can't replace our parents and that's why I'm not involved.

"Why can't I just do something nice without making him feel sh*t. I feel like an a**hole for causing drama, but also feel taken advantage of. AITA?"

The woman also admitted that not only had she paid for the wedding but also his college master's degree and will help financially with rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for him and his partner.

In an updated comment, the woman said she was able to afford the wedding due to her lucrative job as a commercial pilot before adding her brother had "really been there for me emotionally."

Shortly after the post was uploaded, numerous users shared their heated opinions, most of which were supportive of the sister.

One commenter said: "You're NTA [not the a**hole]. He wants to cut you out of even being involved, then he doesn't need your money.

"He has it right. You're not his parent. So, stop acting like it. He's an adult, he can worry about his own finances."

Another added: "I don't think you should even pay for the wedding. If he's behaving like this now, he'll just cut you off and contact again when he needs help. So not worth your effort ad money. NTA obviously but he is a major AH [a**hole]."

A third commented: "Your brother is using you as an ATM and the fact you're not being invited to things screams how much he's taken you for granted.

stock image of bridge and groom
Stock image of wedding cake in front of a bride and groom. Reddit users backed the woman who is paying for her brother's wedding. Image Source/Getty