Internet Slams Man for Not Stepping in When Wife Deleted Daughter's Novel

In a new viral post on social media, the internet slammed a man for doing nothing after he found out his wife had deleted his daughter's novel.

On Reddit's infamous "AmITheA**hole" forum, a submission has grown in popularity with 6,000 upvotes and 1,800 comments. The anonymous Redditor begins his story by explaining how he has been married to his new wife, Hannah, for 2 years. His daughter from a previous marriage, Morgan, has always lived with her mother but has decided to live with her father for school.

Hannah admitted to the OP (original poster) that she was snooping around on Morgan's laptop and found a novel she had written, "She praised her writing style and story telling so I thought that was a positive thing," he wrote.

Invasion of privacy is taken seriously in the court of law and punishment is very strict. If found guilty for the first time in the matter of invasion of privacy, it is considered a misdemeanor of the third degree. It can result in 1 year in prison or a fine of $2,500.

When returning home, he noticed that Hannah, Morgan, and her birth mother were arguing. He asked what was going on and Morgan complained that Hannah had deleted her novel. Hannah claimed that she was portrayed as the villain because Morgan used her name and was very descriptive using derogatory words against her. Morgan yelled that it was a complete invasion of her privacy and that it was just a character in her book.

People arguing
A man took his submission to Reddit's "AmITheA**hole" forum to let the community decide whether he should be considered the a**hole for not saying anything after his wife deleted his daughter's novel on her laptop. AntonioGuillem/iStock / Getty Images Plus

After more arguing, all three women got angry at the OP for not saying anything. Hannah snapped, calling the Redditor a "coward" for not helping her out in the situation. Morgan and her mother argued to the OP that he should have said something when he first heard about Hannah on Morgan's laptop without her permission.

"The texts from both sides kept coming in both telling me I should've done something and should've took their side in the argument. I just had to stay out of this one, I was on my feet the entire week working, both mental and physical health are down the drain and I'm tired of them fighting all the time then blaming me for my actions/or lack of," he said.

The Reddit community didn't accept the OP's excuses.

"YTA. Hanna should pay for the recovery services to get the novel back (this will run $1500-$3000 and wont guarantee that it is successful). There is no question who TA is here and its both you and Hannah. The laptop should be powered off and not used until it is sent in for recovery to give it the bast chance of succeeding," u/AGuyAndHisCat has the top comment with over 20,500 upvotes.

"YTA. As is Hannah. Your daughter was writing fiction, and probably processing some stuff with that writing. Hannah snooped, then deleted her work. Work which was in no way public or created to hurt Hannah. You are TA for not realizing how profoundly Hannah f***ed up here and how inappropriate her behavior was," u/thirdtryisthecharm wrote.

U/HistoricalInaccurate said, "YTA and a coward. You should have shut down your wife's snooping the moment she said she did it, as she was invading your daughters privacy. Your wife is completely in the wrong and you know it, but again, you are a coward for refusing to address her behavior and defend your daughter. This may well be a defining moment in all your relationships that end up with your daughter reducing contact with you, you're ex rightfully trashing you to everyone she knows, and your current wife wondering if being with you is worth it. Bravo for this massive screw up."