Internet Slams Man Punishing Stepson for Asking To Be Paid To Babysit

A man who punished his stepson for asking to be paid after missing work to babysit has been slammed online.

In the post on Reddit, a woman shared how she sided with her boyfriend when he punished her son for asking to be paid to look after children.

The account, called throwaway4646CA, explained that her 16-year-old son lives with her, her boyfriend and his three children, aged 4, 6 and 12 years old respectively. When her 12-year-old stepson fell and injured his ankle, they had to take him to the hospital and asked the oldest boy to watch over the younger children.

Posting on the popular /r/AmITheA**hole subreddit, she asked if she was in the wrong for siding with her boyfriend when he punished her son. She went on to explain that her son had to skip a day of work to help out, and when they returned he asked for payment for "babysitting" "his kids."

The Redditor explained: "My son doesn't have the best relationship with his step-dad or step-siblings, but my boyfriend and I were shocked by this.

"My son explained that he had to skip a workday which cost him money, and asked my boyfriend to pay him for his time."

At least one in ten Americans have a step-relationship within their family, according to a Pew Research Center survey. Meanwhile, the U.S. Bureau of Census estimates that 1300 new stepfamilies are forming every day.

The argument resulted in the poster siding with her boyfriend, stating that she was disappointed that her son had "used this family emergency to his advantage and thought he'd get money for helping [the] family out." The poster also stated that she felt her son "skipping one day of work won't do much harm."

The couple punished the 16-year-old, taking his electronics away and canceling his birthday—which is months away.

With over 6,400 comments and over 16,000 up-votes on the original post, Redditors responded in favor of the young worker, praising his work ethic and understanding his frustration.

User belladorka said: "The way OP described missing one day would mean no harm makes me think she has no respect for his job. Missing one day of work anywhere is a big deal."

Another user, HauntedPickleJar, agreed: "He's probably working this job to save up for his future (college, moving out, whatever) and that could be jeopardy now."

Other users further sided with the stepson, suggesting that the childcare issue was not his responsibility.

A user called Pastel_Mattel said: "He's not their step-brother. You are not married to that man. That's your boyfriend. The 12-year-old's father could have gone to the hospital with his son alone, while you stayed home with the rest of the kids. This isn't your son's problem."

User Rare-Vacation9427 agreed: "The kid held it down for mom and not even step dad when required and instead of being appreciated for it he's punished instead. Definitely a way to push your son away. I hope those step kids love you."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Dollars in hand
A stock image of dollars in hand. The internet agrees that 16-year-old stepson deserved payment for missing work to take care of siblings. Andrii Zastrozhnov/Getty Images