Internet Slams Man for Stealing Sentimental Baby Name From Brother-in-Law

In a now-removed Reddit post, a man shared that his brother-in-law stole both the first and middle name he and his wife had chosen for their unborn son.

Redditor @War-Zone-3099, a name he says was inspired by the "family situation," wrote about the tension in the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" in a post that has been voted on over 12,000 times.

"We started searching for a first and middle name and since I come from Irish origins we decided to settle on my great uncle's first name and my grandfather's middle name," the Redditor explained.

He said after he and his wife told his in-laws about the name, his brother-in-law, "a doctor with a superiority complex," thought the name was "awesome" and he and his wife decided to use the name for their own son.

In 2016, TODAY Parents asked readers about how they chose their baby names and more than 12,000 people responded. More than half of the respondents said that "baby-name stealing" is a real thing and that if parents-to-be know another couple plans to use the name they should avoid it.

"Parents spend a lot of time thinking and dreaming about their child's name, and it's one way they become attached to their child before they even meet him or her," Linda Murray, then-global editor-in-chief of BabyCenter, told TODAY Parents at the time. "It's an emotional process, so when you share your favorite baby name with someone and they 'take' your name, it feels like theft."

The Redditor said he was "not pleased" when he found out what his brother-in-law had done but that he and his wife chose to ignore it and to stick with the name.

"We didn't make a fuss out of it til my BIL called to ask about 'the new names' we chose. I told him we're still sticking with the original first and middle names we chose," the Redditor said. "He sounded confused saying we no longer have a right to these names after he and his wife 'claimed them' and said it was strange that we're still planning on using them."

"I laughed and said that they didn't [claim] [sh*t]! fact of the matter is, he and his wife stole those names from us and should deal with it."

"This is why you keep the name secret," one commenter wrote below the viral post prompting @War-Zone-3099 to respond in agreement.

"Yes..!! See this is where the [sh*t] show began," the Redditor wrote. "But then if we have to keep secrets from family then what kind of world do we live in? It's sad when it's family that do this s**t honestly."

Pregnant belly couple
A post has gone viral on Reddit after a man shared that his brother-in-law stole the name of he and his wife's upcoming child. Above, a stock image shows a couple cradling a pregnant belly. AntonioGuillem/Getty Images

Other commenters suggested that when the Redditor's baby is born and they announce the name that they are sure to explain the meaning behind the moniker.

"This exactly!," one person wrote. "You have actual ties to the names, they are merely copycats. Advertise it. NTA."

The Redditor explains in another comment that this is not his brother-in-law's first "stunt" — even making the Redditor's wedding about him.

The post goes on to say that the brother-in-law went on to pit his side of the family against the expectant parents and 'demanded' they change the name.

" My wife got into a fight with him just a day ago and told him he and his wife didn't even choose those names out of love, but out of spite to stick it to me for no reason," he wrote.

He said his father-in-law has gotten involved too, yelling "obscenities" at the Redditor and accusing him of turning the brother and sister against each other.

"I told him to leave but he kept arguing til I said I'd call the police," the Redditor wrote. "[H]e left then but is now getting MIL constantly calling my wife telling her to do the right thing if she still wants a relationship with her nephew. The conflict gets worst[sic] and my wife's caving in and cracking under pressure, I keep refusing to change the name."

Newsweek contacted @War-Zone-3099 for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.