Internet Slams Man Who Dumped 3-Year-Old on Brother to Go On Date

A man has taken to Reddit to share how he refused to let his brother dump his 3-year-old at his house, and the internet has rallied around him in support.

In the post shared to the discussion-based site by an account called ThrowraKevin777, he revealed that his 30-year-old brother named Kevin had a "habit of dumping his kid on me at random times to watch while he goes out on dates with women."

He went on to reveal that his has happened 4 times recently despite the 32-year-old Redditor having work commitments in his job as a nurse.

The man then went on to explain: "Last week he did it again, He came over at 6pm and entered my house with my nephew (he had a spare key) while I was showering and left the house immediately.

"I got out of the shower and was shocked to see my nephew standing there alone. I asked where his dad was and he said he just left."

This naturally caused the Redditor to start "freaking out" because he "was getting late" for his shift.

Although his brother ignored his calls, he revealed: "I sent him a text telling him to come pick his son up right now or I'd call cops on him for child abandonment."

In the U.S. only three states currently have laws in place regarding the minimum age to leave kids alone at home.

These are 14 years old in Illinois, 8 years old in Maryland and 10 in Oregon.

However, many states classify "failing to provide adequate supervision of a child" as child neglect.

When the brother finally realized he was being serious, "he got home looking pissed and started yelling at me for ruining his date and making him leave in the middle of it, just because I couldn't bother skip one damn shift to watch my nephew.

"I told him I never agreed to watch his son and he made me do it. He said that it was an emergency which made me laugh because calling a date night "emergency" is just absurd."

He accused the story poster of ruining his potential relationship with the date and is still demanding he call her up and make up a sob story on his brother's behalf.

The man ended the post by asking "AITA?" which is Reddit speak for "Am I the A**hole?"

The post, which was shared on January 23, has garnered hundreds of comments online, the majority outraged at the brother's actions.

One Reddit user, Aspermyprevious, wrote: "NTA [Not the a**hole] and you probably saved some poor young woman from having your nephew dumped on her. Your brother isn't dating. He's looking for a mommy-mcbang-maid."

Another person, angrygnomes58, added: "And the fact that the brother wants OP to make up a sob story for his date makes me think he's one of those guys who tries to date women who don't want kids by lying about not having a kid.

"Most people would be more understanding if someone had to bail on a date because something came up with their long as they're aware up front that their date has a kid in the first place!"

Coldcoldiq typed: "Personally, I would take him up on calling his date and then I'd explain the situation to her - because any woman actually okay with his behavior here would be atrocious stepmom material and should be promptly out of his life."

ElectricalAct8425 commented: "Getting laid is not an emergency. Also, "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.""

Maisy_D typed: "Your brother's behavior is disgusting. And the date couldn't have been that important if they're not even to the stage where they hang out with the son too. Sounds like this is all about bro's missed chance for sex."

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