Internet Slams Man Who Refuses to Follow Girlfriend's 'Strict' House Rules

The internet has slammed a man who said in a now-viral post that he refuses to follow his girlfriend's "strict" house rules.

Posting to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum on Wednesday under the username u/FBM1990, the man explained that he recently moved in with his girlfriend, whose "intense" rules are "impossible" to follow. The post, which highlights a common problem many couples face upon moving in together, has received more than 6,500 upvotes and over 3,100 comments.

At the beginning of the post, the man said that, before living with his girlfriend, he lived alone, which is why he's having a hard time adjusting to her "rules."

"I get no shoes in the apartment rule, but my girlfriend says no feet on the couch pillows, no sitting on the couch after the gym before having a shower, no leaving dishes in the sink, no leaving any food wrappers out, and the most annoying, no drinking straight from the carton," he wrote.

He went on to say that, while he knows certain behaviors such as drinking out of the milk carton are considered "rude," he doesn't understand why he can't practice those behaviors in his own home.

"I get that no food wrappers out can attract bugs but I'll throw them away within a day or so, why does it need to constantly look perfect when we hardly even have guests over and this is my one place in this world to just relax?" he asked.

Upset, the man told his girlfriend that he feels like a "prisoner" in his own home and will not be abiding by all of her rules.

As it turns out, many couples argue about chores and cleanliness after moving in together. A 2019 survey by Yelp revealed that 80 percent of people who live with a partner argue about housework, reported NBC.

"In my work with couples, one of the most common arguments is about the division of household chores," Dr. Sharone Weltfreid, a licensed clinical psychologist, told the network.

"Typically, women [in relationships with men] are the ones to voice frustration regarding the allocation of household chores," she explained. "Their partner, on the other hand, doesn't see the significance or urgency of doing the laundry when people in the household still have clean clothing, the trash is not entirely full, having the house spotless when guests arrive, etc."

To prevent blowout fights and a potential breakup, experts said that couples need to communicate and compromise.

"My view might be that the carpet needs to be vacuumed twice a week, whereas my partner or housemate might think it only needs to be done once every fortnight," Anastasia Panayiotidis, general manager of clinical services at Relationships Australia Victoria, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"In that case, we could make a compromise that it is done at least once per week," she said.

u/FBM1990 didn't say whether or not he and his girlfriend ever tried to strike a compromise and create a new set of rules. Still, commenters slammed him for refusing to keep up with his girlfriend's "reasonable" requests.

"YTA [you're the a**hole]. This reads like a 13-year-old complaining about his mom's (reasonable) rules," wrote u/MissionRevolution306.

"YTA. No dishes in the sink might be slightly annoying if you're tired or in a rush but the rest are pretty standard 'don't be disgusting' rules," added u/soulsearxhing. "You don't seem very compatible domestically."

Newsweek reached out to u/FBM1990 for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

Woman cleaning up after boyfriend
The internet has slammed a man who said in a now-viral post that he refuses to follow his girlfriend’s “strict” house rules. Maryviolet/istock