Internet Slams Man Who Secretly Used Wife's Savings Account For Sister's Wedding Dress

A husband who hoped to find support on Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" page after confessing to secretly taking thousands from a joint bank account with his wife to help pay for his sister's wedding dress has been slammed online.

Reddit user u/No_YogurtCloset9610 shared his story with the 3.3 million-strong group and asked them AITA (am I the a**hole). In the post, upvoted 17,500 times since it was shared on Sunday, the user said he dipped into the 40,000 in savings after his sister asked for 5,000 towards a wedding dress.

The user, who did not disclose what currency was used, said: "She's [the wife] stated to me that the money are for either an emergency or in case we plan on buying our own house.

"She said that in case I need money for an emergency I'm allowed ot use. I also have access to the account but so far I didn't use anything."

The commenter said his sister asked for the money after she claimed her card expired and had stopped working about two months ago.

But, two months on, the sister is continuing to put off returning the owed money she borrowed and the user admitted he had started to feel guilty and nervous in case the wife becomes aware the money is missing.

User u/No_YogurtCloset9610 added: "My best friend says I am honest with her and I should accept the consequences of my own actions for not notifying my wife and not letting her know about the money missing. AITA? I feel very guilty for this and for trusting my sister."

Reddit commenters were not impressed with the user's behavior and questioned whether the sister really needed that much money.

One poster said in a response with 44,000 upvotes: "Your sister not being able to afford her wedding dress is not an emergency. You were scammed, her bank would have sent her new debit card the beginning of the month it expires, not wait to send one after it expired.

"You're not getting that money back. And you will probably never get your wife's trust back either. YTA [you're the a**hole]."

Another commenter was equally frank, adding: "YTA. You need to tell your wife and start repaying the amount you took immediately. You need to start getting your sister to repay you in small amounts, if possible. And now you need to realize your sister is tapped out and you should never lend her money again."

A third Reddit user said: "I only want to add that the longer it took OP [original poster] to tell me, the more angry I would be. Past a certain point, this becomes an honesty issue. OP, I'm really annoyed and I'm not even your wife. You f***ed up, dude. You need to come clean ASAP. YTA."

According to a 2020 American Wedding Study commissioned by, a website that supports wedding planners and soon-to-be wives, thousands are spent on wedding dresses. The study claimed the average amount brides-to-be were willing to spend on a wedding dress in the U.S. was $2,439.

Stock image of money withdrawal
Stock image of money being withdrawn from an ATM. A Reddit user admitted to taking a large amount of money out of a joint savings account shared with his wife to give to his sister. Getty/Edafoto