Internet Slams 'Self-Centered' Woman Refusing to Attend Sister's Child-Free Wedding

The internet has slammed a "self-centered" woman who is refusing to attend her sister's child-free wedding.

Posting to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum on Tuesday under a throwaway account, the woman said that she "[doesn't] see the point" of going to the wedding if she can't bring her two sons with her.

Already, the post has received more than 6,200 upvotes and over 3,400 comments.

The woman told Redditors that she called her sister as soon as she received her wedding invitation to let her know that she would not be in attendance but that she'd still send a gift with their parents.

Of course, her sister didn't take this well.

"She got angry because last year I attended our cousin's wedding, and she feels hers should be more important and one I should want to attend," the woman said.

But, she explained, their cousin's wedding wasn't child-free.

"I don't feel that I should shell out money to have someone watch my kids, just to watch her get married, and honestly I just don't want to," the woman admitted.

Now, the sisters' relationship is at risk.

"She got angry and is now involving my husband and parents in my decision, saying if I choose not to come she won't speak to me again [her hill to die on, not my problem]," the woman wrote.

Couples throwing child-free weddings should be prepared to have difficult conversations with friends and family, said Brides.

"You can say why it's adults-only—maybe it's the activities or the venue that's adult-centric—or you can totally cite 'budget constraints' as the reason for doing so," the website recommended.

"Even if the budget isn't the reason, that's a much more understandable excuse than 'Well, we think kids will be noisy or distracting,' right?" Brides continued.

That being said, couples should keep in mind that guests might not be able to—or might not want to—leave their children behind.

"If someone declares that they're just not going to come, you have to respect their decision whether they're doing it out of spite or whether they cannot find any other option," etiquette expert Elaine Swann told Brides.

Still, Redditors feel that the woman is wrong to blow off her sister's big day.

"YTA [you're the a**hole]. Children do not have to be part of everything that happens. You are showing your sister how little you care for her," wrote u/ollygollymolly.

More than 24,000 people upvoted u/ollygollymolly's comment in agreement.

"OP [original poster], you are willing to have your sister out of your life because you can't spend 3 hours away from your kids?" asked u/Nekawaii19. "YTA."

"So if she doesn't plan her wedding to your specifications, you won't attend? Does everyone have to feel the same way you do about everything and plan their events accordingly or you just won't participate? She's your sister. It's her wedding and she gets to organize her way, not yours! Your attitude is incredibly self-centered," added u/TrekkerOne.

Newsweek reached out to the Redditor for comment.

The internet has slammed a “self-centered” woman who is refusing to attend her sister’s child-free wedding. The woman stated she didn't want to spend money on a babysitter as one reason for not attending the wedding. Halfpoint/istock

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