Internet Slams Teen Dad Who Kept 10-Year-Old Daughter a Secret: 'Selfish'

The internet has slammed a dad after he revealed he kept a child's existence a secret from his family and refused to look after her.

In the post shared in the popular AmITheA**hole forum, which can be seen here, Reddit user u/crazycake81, now 29, explained he had a child when he was 19 but did not want the child and asked the mother to get an abortion.

When she refused, they agreed he would pay child support and in exchange would not be involved in the girl's life.

The post struck a nerve with many Reddit users and has racked up some 10,100 upvotes since being uploaded onto the website on Sunday, June 5.

Stock image of a child holding arm
Stock image of a girl holding a man's arm. The internet was furious that the dad refused to look after his daughter. Getty

But the user said three months ago his parents sent him "angry" messages and asked if he had a child.

He added: "Apparently my ex had told them everything because she is sick and wants someone to look after the kid since her own family refused to do this.

"They were mad at me, telling me It was very selfish to hide their grandchild from them. I'm an only child and she is their only grandchild. they agreed to look after her and brought her into our home. Yes, I live with my parents to help them with the expenses."

The user said he agreed to have his daughter stay with them but was adamant he did not want to be a dad.

In the post, the man explained his daughter has lived with him for three months and that he had found himself in a position where he would need to take care of her.

His post continued: "Two days ago my parents left her with me to go somewhere. I told them I don't want to babysit but no one listened to me.

"As soon as they left she started coming into my bedroom with different excuses. I finally got annoyed and told her to go to her room and not to come out until her grandparents come home. My parents came back and freaked out when they found out."

The user later added that both his parents called him an a**hole over his behavior as well as a "horrible dad."

According to 2019 figures from the Census Bureau, about 7 million men in the U.S. are "absent dads of all of their minor children." These absent dads made up about 20.2 percent of all fathers in the U.S.

The study defined "absent" dads as fathers who appear to have little or nothing to do with parenting.

Many people had very firm opinions about the man's behavior with many flooding the comments section. Since the post was shared, it has attracted some 2,201 comments.

One Reddit user said: "YTA (you're the a**hole). The child is a 10-year-old, her mother is apparently so unwell that she has to reach out to literal strangers to ensure her child gets care.

"And yet you can't even be civil for one afternoon. And even if your parents shouldn't have to leave her alone with you, but have you considered how the kid feels?"

Another added: "YTA. From a person to person, have you no civility? Must you be a miserable entity to a 10-year-old child? What happened to you to be so unkind?"

A third commenter said: "Being civil for one day does not constitute being a dad. You can still not be a dad, just help out once in a while as you're literally living in your parents' house. Think of it as babysitting for a friend."

Reddit user u/crazycake81 has since been suspended from Reddit, Newsweek has found.

Newsweek has contacted Reddit.