Internet Slams Woman Secretly Using Neighbor's Avocado Tree to Run Business in Viral Post

A Redditor has taken to the site's "Am I the A**hole" forum with a neighborly dispute involving a hotly-contested avocado tree. According to the original poster, known only as u/Ok_Spot_5629, the "bizarre" situation arose after they granted a passerby access to the fruit from their tree—much to the outrage of their neighbor, who claimed the avocados as her own. So far, the post has amassed 11,400 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments since it was shared on Tuesday.

The controversy appeared to hit a nerve with readers, and perhaps with good reason. Avocados are notoriously expensive, with some going so far as to blame them (and one of their most favored applications, the avocado toast), for the millennial generation's struggle to buy homes and property.

According to an Insider report from earlier this year, "avocado prices have rocketed in recent years by up to 129 percent, with the average national price of a single Hass avocado reaching $2.10 in 2019, almost doubling in just one year."

Hass Avocados
A Redditor asked if they were wrong for giving away free fruit after they discovered a neighbor had been using the same fruit to sell for profit. Hass avocados in Los Angeles, California, 2015. MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

In u/Ok_Spot_5629's now-viral post, they wrote that they "have [seven] different avocado trees, [three] mango trees, [four] types of peach trees, mulberry, pomegranate, lemon, orange, guava, granadilla and apricot trees in [their] yard." As such, they "welcome anyone to come in the yard and pick fruit and veggies throughout the year should they want [or] need to."

There is one avocado tree, in particular, that is "really close" to the Redditor's neighbor's yard—however, it "doesn't go over her fence." Wrote u/Ok_Spot_5629: "She has been using the avocado trees for free for years now because she has a catering business [I didn't mind and still don't]."

The day prior to writing the post, "someone came over to ask for avocados carrying two big baskets," explained the Redditor, who told them to go ahead.

"I thought nothing of it, until this morning when my neighbor came banging down our front door asking me why I gave away her avocados," they wrote. "I was a bit confused so [I] asked her what she [meant]." Turns out, the stranger from the day before was the daughter of a local restaurant owner—one that the Redditor's neighbor had been selling avocados to for a profit.

"She then said she's an avocado supplier for a restaurant a few kilometers away but I ruined it by giving the owner's daughter baskets of the avocados," said u/Ok_Spot_5629. Now, the woman will simply go to the Redditor's home and collect the avocados for free, speculated the neighbor.

"She blew [up] at my mom and I then said we really are the witches everyone thinks we are [all because my late grandma was a herbalist and most people try to grow trees, plants, and our area but never succeed but it's no problem for us]," continued the post.

"I feel bad away fruit might have ruined the neighbor's livelihood [her family really needs every cent]," concluded the Redditor, who then asked: "AITA for giving away avocados?"

Readers were quick to back u/Ok_Spot_5629 and criticized the neighbor for her apparently-secret business. "So this woman was selling your fruit, and is now mad that the people she was selling it to figured out her genius plan?" wrote ​​u/MikeNoble91 in a harsh but highly-voted comment. "Tell your neighbor to shove it."

"Your neighbor was profiting off of your generosity and had the nerve to be angry when you were generous to others," echoed u/SolutionLeading. "Your neighbor should be ashamed of herself."

Others, meanwhile, took issue with the role of the restaurant owner's daughter in the saga. "That business owner's daughter had a lot of nerve to take [two] baskets full just to earn a profit," noted u/Freedom_19. "That's shady to me. If I were OP, I wouldn't let her do it again."

Newsweek reached out to u/Ok_Spot_5629 for comment.