Internet Slams Woman Who Berated Student for Not Getting Door During Class

The internet comes to the defense of a student who was yelled at by their neighbor because they didn't answer the door for them in a new viral post.

In Reddit's popular "AmITheA**hole" forum, u/Senior_Emu1139, posted their story. The post has over 7,200 upvotes and over 700 comments.

The Reddit user begins their story by explaining that their classes are all online through Zoom, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. They were glad that their schedule lined up so they only had classes on Fridays, but that meant the day was very long. Even though they aren't necessarily required to attend lectures, the Redditor wanted to get extra practice.

In the mornings, u/Senior_Emu1139 takes their dogs for a walk before their classes begin. They often chat with their neighbor before heading back inside to get ready for class.

In the middle of the day, the student hears a loud knocking on the door, they decided to ignore it since they were busy. A while later, they received a text from the neighbor.

"She just got fired from work because she needed a babysitter (her regular cancelled last minute) and I didn't answer the door. She's a single mum and has minimal support," they explained.

After the day was finished, the Reddit user takes the trash out and is stunned when their neighbor began to yell at them for being "selfish." Due to the loudness of the argument, another neighbor came to comfort the yelling neighbor. But that neighbor and the Reddit user don't get along either, due to an incident years back.

As the original poster (OP) headed back inside, they contemplated if they should have just opened the door to have avoided the predicament.

Upset Neighbor
A Reddit user asked the "AmITheA**hole" community if they are the a**hole for not answering the door because they were in class. Koldunova_Anna/iStock / Getty Images Plus

The Coronavirus pandemic put a halt on most in-person classes and businesses. In 2020, many turned to Zoom to start the work from home model. Zoom was downloaded 485 million times that year.

Other Reddit users were quick to defend the OP.

"Good employees don't get fired for having a childcare emergency. NTA," wrote u/coldcoldiq, receiving the top comment with over 12,700 upvotes.

"That depends on how bad management at said job is. It's entirely possible they're just a-holes," u/Onikisuen replied to the popular comment.

"What? No NTA. What sort of entitlement does it take for your neighbor to assume that everybody around her will just drop what they're doing to help her," u/literalgarbageyo said, "Honestly you could have said you spent the whole day watching TV, or playing video games and you still wouldn't be the AH."

U/thankuhexed commented, "NTA. She didn't get fired because she had a childcare emergency, she got fired because she was irresponsible enough times that this 'childcare emergency' was the straw that broke the camels back. Living next to somebody doesn't require you to watch their kids."

"Your neighbours expect too much of you," u/Tiseye said.

"NTA. you were at work! that it is called school and happens to take place at your home is irrelevant. work is work," u/Tessa_Kamoda wrote.