Internet Slams Woman Who Sold Fiancée's Gaming Chair Gifted By His Brother Before He Died

A man went viral on Reddit after posting to the popular "Am I The A**hole" forum about how his fiancée sold his gaming chair to pay for her gym membership.

The man, known only as u/AdNO3535435, received more than 16,800 votes and 3,850 comments in less than nine hours.

In the post, the man, 33, explained that his brother died from cancer a few months ago and left him with several of his belongings.

He explained that they were really close and had a lot in common. He said that his brother was a gamer and that one of the most special items was his brother's gaming chair which he wanted him to have before he died.

"This chair I consider special because it was my brother's favorite of all gear and it reminds me of him whenever I sit in it (I don't play anymore)," the post explained. "It just brings me closer to him to a degree I can not explain and it brings me so much comfort."

In the post, the man explained that he kept the gaming chair in his office but found out a few days ago that his fiancée, 31, sold it.

"Days ago I found out that my fiancee who has been out of job and complaining about no longer being able to attend the gym took the chair and sold it online to be able to pay for her next month's gym membership," the post read.

He explained that when he found out, he had a "negative reaction" and flipped out on her. The fiancée said she was "desperate for money" and had nothing else to sell because she already sold her belongings.

u/AdNO3535435 said he reminded his fiancée who the chair belonged to but she replied that he had "tons of keepsakes" from his brother and shouldn't act like it was the "end of the world."

"She also vented about her past eating disorders and her anxiety when it comes to keeping fit and claimed I was dismissing that she is struggling," the post read. "I yelled at her and called her inconsiderate and selfish and told her she should have never ever took and sold any of my stuff for a gym membership when she literally could-ve kept working out from home."

In the United States, selling property that does not belong to oneself without explicit permission from the owner is considered theft.

According to Bryan Dulius, an attorney from Tennessee, without authority "the sale of another person's assets is a crime. The person who makes the unauthorized sale will almost certainly, along with a conviction, be ordered to pay restitution for the value of the items that were illegally sold."

In the post, u/AdNO3535435 said his fiancée began crying before the two started arguing. He explained that she then left to stay with her mom. He also said her mom attempted to give him a "stern talk" about his "attitude" and that he and his fiancée have not been talking.

"Things haven't got better and I got called overdramatic for reacting and treating my fiancee like that over a gaming chair," the post read. "I feel guilty because I've never yelled at her in my life before. AITA? Was I too hard on her?"

More than 3,850 users flocked to the comments, some to say that the Redditor was being overly dramatic over a gaming chair, and others saying he should break up with his fiancée.

"She's a disrespectful, narcissistic thief. She needs to go," one comment read.

"Sell the engagement ring you bought her and buy back your brother's gaming chair," one user suggested. "Proceed based on her reaction to that."

Video Gaming Chair
A man went viral after exposing his fiancée for selling his deceased brother's gaming chair to pay for her gym membership. James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images

Another user said u/AdNO3535435's fiancée was completely in the wrong and even suggested reporting the chair as stolen in an attempt to get it back.

"Call the person who brought the chair and tell him that he's bought stolen property," the user wrote. "If your fiancée still refuses to do anything about getting it back then you may need to report it to the police as stolen and get it returned to you that way."

The user also claimed the Redditor's fiancée showed that she does not respect his property and that she is old enough to know "that her actions can have consequences."

"And too bad if her consequences are of the legal kind due to her theft," the user continued.

Many users also mentioned that from what u/AdNO3535435 said, his fiancée sounded like she had narcissistic tendencies and that he would be hurting himself by staying with her.

"You are 100% NTA but don't be an a**hole to yourself by accepting this kind of treatment in your life," one user wrote. "The sort of person who would even consider what your girlfriend did isn't a good person. Period."

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