Internet Slams Woman Who Told Stepdaughter 'She Didn't Deserve to Have Fun'

A mom is asking the internet for advice after she reached out to her ex-husband upset over the actions of his new wife.

User Best_Potential_62, wrote on the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" forum in a post now voted on over 10,000 times that her husband's new wife tries to "impose a relationship" between her children and the daughter that the Redditor and her ex- husband share.

The children, the Redditor wrote, are between the ages of one month and 14 years old—their mutual daughter is 15.

"Both my ex-husband and I've talked to her and she's always insisting that as 'their older sister' she should be 'more involved' with them as in babysitting, diaper change, offering to wake up with the baby and take care of him for an hour of two but my daughter doesn't feel comfortable with that kind of responsibility and I get it," she wrote.

The issue blew up recently when the Redditor's daughter was left to take care of the children by her stepmother instead of going to a party.

WKBW reported in 2016 that most states do not have laws regulating how old a child must be to stay home alone though the Office Of Children And Family Services recommends that "parents and guardians need to make intelligent, reasoned decisions" when it comes to leaving children alone. said it is dependent on the maturity of the child being left in charge. "I've known 10-year-olds who would do an excellent job watching a younger child, and I've known 16-year-olds who weren't ready for that responsibility," child and family psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore wrote.

In this case, the Redditor said her daughter called her on the day she thought she'd be at a party to alert her that her stepmother had left her with the kids.

"[M]y daughter called me and told me that she left her with all the kids and the baby needed his diaper changed and she didn't know how to do it, she was crying and scared so I drove there and took care of them," the Redditor wrote.

The Redditor said she called her ex-husband to confront him about the incident and he told her that their daughter had decided against going to the party on her own.

"[M]y daughter told me that his wife forced her to say it because 'she was done with her laziness' so she say [sic] she didn't deserve to have fun and had to work for it he obviously got mat[sic] and drove back immediately," the Redditor wrote. "I left with my daughter when they came."

Commenters were quick to call the stepmother the "a**hole" for her actions.

Family argument
A woman took to Reddit to seek advice about a recent interaction with her daughter, ex-husband and his new wife. This stock photo shows two people in an argument. Rawpixel/Getty Images

"NTA at all," a comment with over 13,000 votes said. "Your ex's wife wants your daughter to provide free childcare while pretending she wants them to 'bond as siblings.' That's why she is the AH."

"Step mom also doesn't care about her own kids either apparently considering she was fine with leaving them under the care of someone who wasn't comfortable with caring for 4 kids," another commenter wrote.

The Redditor concluded her post by saying her ex-husband apologized to their daughter and said he is thinking about divorce "because she endangered all 5 kids," and said his wife is calling the Redditor an "AH" for "babying" her daughter.

"NTA, she's a mess who seems to resent you and takes it out on your daughter," one commenter said about the stepmother. "Now she's made a bigger mess, including damaging her own relationship. I would pity her if I were you."

Newsweek reached to Best_Potential_62 for comment.