Internet Slams Woman Who Wouldn't Let Child Eat Cake at Birthday Party

In a new viral post, the internet slammed a woman who wouldn't let her eight-year-old son eat a piece of cake at a friend's birthday party.

Published to the well-liked Reddit "AmITheA**hole" forum, which has over 3.6 million followers, a woman, with the anonymous account u/cakethrowawayAITA, wanted the opinions of the community. Her dilemma involved not allowing her son to eat sugary foods — including a piece of birthday cake that was shared with her child's friend.

According to ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders), some type of eating disorder will affect 9 percent (roughly 28 million) people in their life. More alarming is that approximately 46 percent of children between the ages of 9-11 are said to be on diets.

The Redditor admitted she didn't typically allow her son to have "junk," or sugary foods, due to some of additives.

"My best friend bakes a lot, and made a special chocolate cake for her son's birthday. When it comes to my son, I don't let him have cake," she wrote "This is personal preference for his health, not for any allergy reasons, and he is not diabetic or gluten free."

The original poster (OP) explained that her son told his friend that he wasn't allowed to have cake — she packed him a healthier snack instead — but the birthday boy didn't like the response as his mother had made the cake and he wanted his guest to share in the sweet delight. After a while, OP's son had a "sugar rush" and threw a temper tantrum when they returned home from the party.

OP had a discussion with her friend, but it didn't go as planned.

"I told my friend she needs to have some kind of consequences for her son to teach him not to peer pressure other children into eating things they're not allowed to have," she wrote. "She said because it wasn't an issue of allergies or health, that she's sorry my son was cranky but she won't be punishing her son or talking to him about it on his birthday."

The friend reminded OP that she and her husband would make sure they supervised in order to "respect food habits."

The "AmITheA**hole" followers were quick to comment their opinions.

In the top comment with over 36,400 upvotes, u/SoImaRedditUserNow wrote in part, "God forbid your son experience a moment of joy and celebration. FYI - 'sugar rushes' are a myth. They have been debunked many many many times by scientists and medical professionals. There isn't a doubt in my mind that your son has a stash of candy at various places. Because of YOU."

U/2Cents4Free agreed adding, "YTA It was cake on a special occasion. Your son isn't being fed cake daily. Also, you have issues with additives in cake, but find ranch to be acceptable?" Their comment received over 13,600 upvotes.

"YTA and here's what is going to happen when your son realizes all of the food that he's not allowed to eat. He's going to sneak it, he will learn to sneak other things, he will have food issues, and possibly a weight problem. Kids need to be taught that food is fine and we eat in moderation," u/SimplySam4210 wrote.

"Yta," u/purple_haze38 said. "Kid doesn't get any sugar ever? Because you don't like it? I can see restricting his intake but none at all is kinda sad, especially for special occasions."

Chocolate Cake
The internet slams a woman for not allowing her child to eat a piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party. Yana Tatevosian/iStock / Getty Images Plus