Internet Slams Woman's 'Entitled' Behavior Towards Partner's Roommates

An anonymous Reddit user is facing an unpleasant conflict between their roommates and girlfriend—and has turned to the online platform for readers' opinions on the matter.

The post has amassed over 8,600 upvotes and 1,000 comments since it was shared in the platform's "Am I the A**hole" forum on Wednesday.

The topic appears to be a highly-resonant one for readers: as of 2017, 31.9 percent of the U.S. population lived with roommates in a "shared household."

In their post, the anonymous Redditor, known as u/MindysProject, explained that their girlfriend has been causing friction with their roommates: "She's been on this zero waste kick, and it's been an issue."

"She doesn't live with us and is becoming preachy. She's still in student housing until June .... She casually talked about moving in with me several times," explained the poster. However, they "haven't said anything" about her moving in (or not) because their girlfriend's graduation is still six months away.

Currently, the Redditor lives in a large, five-bedroom house, which belongs to the grandparents of one of their roommates, "Mindy."

"Recently my girlfriend has been making herself at home like it's her place," they wrote. However, the girlfriend's environmentalist beliefs are starting to cause tension in the household.

Most recently, a fight arose when the girlfriend reportedly brought a glass jar of soap and said the roommates "should all use this type of soap only" because "using soap in a plastic bottle is bad."

"She also got mad because no one was using the compost bin she brought us for Christmas," they added. Following these statements, the girlfriend informed the Redditor's housemates that "things are going to change when [she moves] in."

When Mindy questioned what the girlfriend meant, she clarified that "when she moves in ... she will make sure [they] are a zero-waste home."

In response, Mindy told her that she is "never moving in."

"Mindy points out her grandparents left her in charge of the home, and she will [decide] who lives here and not," explained the post. "She tells my girlfriend that she overstays her welcome 99% of the time, and she only puts up with it because I'm a good tenant."

A fight ensued between the girlfriend and the Redditor: "My girlfriend yelled at me .... I told her I thought we could get a studio and move in together, just us."

"At the word studio, my girlfriend got even angrier and said she wanted someplace with a pool and a nice kitchen. She starts on a rant about how everyone is always destroying her dreams," they wrote. "It [ended] with her crying and going back to her dorm room."

"Mindy calls my girlfriend a gold digger," they concluded. "[She] says I should not have let her think she could have moved here."

Readers were quick to take issue with the girlfriend's "entitled" attitude—and with the Redditor for letting her believe moving in was an option in the first place.

"OP needed to nip that in the bud before it turned into this drama," wrote u/f02f2e6fa0b3.

"You need to wise up and dump this woman," commented u/crystallz2000. "And moving forward, address things that need to be addressed. Don't wait until other people have to handle the fight for you."

Many also criticized the girlfriend's environmentalist values, which some perceived as less-than-genuine.

"If she was truly zero waste, a studio shouldn't have bothered her. In fact it would be preferable to the energy wasting of a house that large," said u/gilmorescoffeecups. "If she wants to play environmentalist she needs more than a glass jar and compost bin."

Newsweek has reached out to u/MindysProject for further comment.

In a recent viral post, a Redditor describes the tension that's erupted between their roommates and their environmentalist girlfriend. bernardbodo/iStock / Getty Images Plus

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