Internet Slaps Down Mother of Groom's White 'Bridal' Dress for Son's Gay Wedding

A groom's mother might rethink her idea of wearing a white dress for her son's same-sex wedding, after a wave of comments on Mumsnet.

Choosing what to wear to a wedding can prove to be a tricky conundrum, with guests needing to be careful that their outfit does not take the spotlight away from the couple.

The mother of the groom told to a Mumsnet group ahead of her son's big day that she was debating whether to wear a white dress or a cream and pink one.

Writing on Thursday, February 10, the groom's mother shared photos of a £450 ($610) Genevieve ruffle gown and another Genevieve rose gown at the same price.

The mother, who went by the username Kenworthington, was keen to stress there was no bride to upstage as it was a gay wedding.

She posted: "Before you all say don't be ridiculous, you'll look like the bride - there is no bride - it's a wedding. I love this. Love it. Could get the floral one, but of course, I want the cream one. Can I?"

Since being uploaded, the post attracted 1,000 messages, with many shutting down the woman's outfit choices.

One Mumsnet user said: "I think that's way too over the top I'm afraid. They are getting married, not you."

Another posted: "Beautiful gowns. But no. You'll look like you are trying to upstage the two guys/ women getting married. All eyes will be on you. Poor form."

A third commented: "I agree that even for a gay wedding it's too bridal. The focus should be on the two grooms not the mums. It is absolutely gorgeous though."

There were some, however, who were supportive of the mother's choice and encouraged her to wear one of the dresses.

One user posted: "I think it is amazing. Go for it."

Newsweek was not able to contact Kenworthington via the Mumsnet site.

According to the wedding planning website, Brides, the national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631, including alterations.

It added: "Dress prices are based on various factors and generally range from $500 to $4,000."

Weddings have proven to be popular topics of discussion on Mumsnet, with many users keen to get advice from other people on the website.

Earlier this week, a newly married woman received a shock when she opened a wedding present from one of her closest friends and it left both her and the internet feeling conflicted.

Writing on Mumsnet, the newly married woman explained her friend handed her an envelope, which contained a card with a blunt message.

In a post, the woman said: "Her wedding card included a note that her wedding gift is those concert tickets that I never paid her for."

The friend's approach left many on the website feeling conflicted, with several commenting they felt it was the wrong time to bring up the issue.

Stock image of wedding dresses
Stock image of wedding dresses. The groom's mother had her suggestions slapped down by many Mumsnet users. Getty/LightFieldStudios

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