Internet Stunned by Person Who Just Learned 'Shower Socks' Aren't a Thing

A college student recently learned the reality that most people don't wear socks in the shower after going years doing so, sparking shock and intrigue online.

The now-viral Reddit post, which has garnered over 43,000 upvotes, was shared to the subreddit "TIFU," or "Today I F**ked Up." It's titled, "TIFU by thinking it was normal to shower with socks on." The post was shared by u/diclofenac-sodium on February 14.

The original poster (OP) revealed the situation occurred a month ago. Growing up the Redditor didn't really go on vacation or stay anywhere overnight other than camping on occasion.

They revealed: "And I was always taught from a young age that when I took a shower I had to put on my 'shower socks' which were basically those grippy socks that the hospital gave you. We had hooks on the wall to hang the socks on so they could dry off."

Recently, the OP moved into their college dorm, and they were going to take a shower, and they asked their roommate where the sock hooks in the shower were. He apparently looked at the OP confused, so they explained further about the hooks for putting up shower socks so they can dry out.

Although the majority of people don't wear socks when they shower, some people do. There have been posts on Reddit before of people admitting to showering with their socks on. One post, from two years ago proclaimed "showers are better with socks on."

U.S. News and World Report talked to Dr. Dyane Tower, who is the director of clinical affairs at the American Podiatric Medical Association, who explained the kinds of infections one could get walking barefoot in a public dorm, shower or locker room.

"Fungal and bacterial infections are the most common types of infections you could pick up," she explained. "Fungi typically like moist, dark locations—i.e. a shower with the curtain drawn. This fungus could lead to athlete's foot, a fungal infection that usually begins in-between the toes. What's more: If you go into a shower, and someone with athlete's foot has used that shower, that person's skin cells and fungus could still be there." She also mentioned community-acquired MRSA and other types of bacteria.

Striped blue socks
The Internet is stunned by a person who just learned "shower socks" aren't a thing. Here, a pair of striped blue socks. ISSAURINKO/GETTY

The OP continued: "He didn't believe me for some reason, so I showed him my shower socks and he nearly died laughing. Apparently, for the past 20 years of my life, it was not normal to wear socks in the shower."

They also clarified a few things in the post for commenters, stating that to wash their feet, they would take the shower handle and blast their feet with water. They also haven't spoken to their parents about the situation yet.

The OP also revealed they haven't noticed people taking showers in movies that don't wear socks, as they couldn't recall any scene from a movie they had seen of someone in a shower, but they didn't watch a lot of movies or shows.

The responses that came rolling in varied from stunned disbelief, confusion and questions for the OP. One Redditor said they are "going to need a list of things" the OP considers normal now after reading the post.

Over 2,000 people weighed in, and some had questions for the OP regarding the situation. A user asked if they've "showered naked-footed since then?" They added, "I promise you that feeling will be wonderful!"

Other questions were asked about how hygienic wearing socks in the shower would be. "Did you just never wash your feet?" a user asked.

Theories abounded about how the shower sock family tradition began. "I will assume at one stage someone slipped in the shower and hit their head, the custom of precautionary non-slip shower socks was born," a Redditor reasoned.

Some people had harsh words about the whole situation. A user called the concept "the oddest," adding people usually buy non-slip mats for the shower. "Not invest in developing a habit that ends up being impractical and more expensive," they added. "My kids smell like s**t after one day of playing, I can't imagine how their feet would be affected if I covered them for a shower...Their whole lives!"

Although some people get the need for shower shoes in communal spaces, many didn't understand the shower socks concept. "Lmfao no dude," a Redditor said. "Shower socks are far from normal."

A Redditor didn't mince words, calling the situation "dumb." They also added, "How tf do you get into college not knowing how to bathe yourself?"

Other responses from commenters included things like, "This has to be the longest-standing prank your parents just pulled on you," and "Bet those feet looking nasty."

Newsweek reached out u/diclofenac-sodium for comment, who declined to give their real name. They told Newsweek: "I don't care what people say I'm gonna keep wearing my shower socks."

Updated 02/16/2022, 1:54 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with comments from u/diclofenac-sodium.