Internet Supports Bride Uninviting Wedding Guest Over Color of Her Dress

Commenters supported a bride for uninviting a friend who refused to return her red and gold gown after being informed the bride's dress was the same color.

The anonymous bride, known as u/AITAmaybebridezilla, posted about her situation in Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum where it received nearly 10,000 upvotes and 600 comments. The post can be found here.

In Indian culture, the color red is often heavily featured in weddings and other religious ceremonies due to its symbolic significance.

Many Indian brides wear red during the wedding because it signifies prosperity, new beginnings, and good luck. The color is also associated with Durga, a Hindu goddess who symbolizes protection and feminine power.

Bride uninvites guest over color of dress
Users supported the brides decision to uninvite her friend over the dress situation, saying the friend wasn't respecting her. AlxeyPnferov/iStock

For many, wearing a red gown to an Indian wedding is the equivalent of wearing a white dress to a Western wedding.

"Everyone's top priority during a wedding should be ensuring that the bride feels special," Katie Brownstein, from wedding planning website Joy, told Newsweek. "And there's no quicker way to steal her thunder than by stealing her color."

Brownstein added that while many wedding traditions are going away, "not wearing white as a wedding guest will always remain."

In the post titled "WIBTA for disinviting a guest from my wedding over the colour of her dress?" the woman, 23, said her wedding is at the beginning of August and that she was chatting with an old friend from university while confirming RSVPs.

The bride and the friend named B, 24, started talking about clothes for the wedding. B said she was excited to dress up because she's never been a guest at a non-family wedding.

"Now while we are both British, B is ethnically white, where I am South Asian," the post read. "She said she wanted to wear a sari to my wedding so I told her a few places she could get a nice one and she went shopping. I did tell her that red was our bridal colour so it should be avoided."

The bride said B told her she "fell in love" with a red and gold sari and bought it. She asked B to return the dress since that is the color of her bridal gown, but she replied that she was "sure it won't matter" on the day.

"That's the equivalent of someone wearing a white dress to a western wedding," the post read. "She's refusing to compromise and change her outfit because she loves it so much and she won't have another occasion in which it's appropriate for her to wear a sari."

The bride said she doesn't want anyone wearing red and gold on her wedding day and wondered if she would be "the a**hole" if she uninvited her.

Nearly 600 users commented on the post, many supporting the bride for wanting to uninvite B over the situation.

"NTA. She's insisting on wearing a wedding dress to your wedding," one user commented. "She can stay at home and wear it there."

"NTA at all. You told her beforehand no red," another commented. "She went and ignored your instructions. What is with people and knowing the rules and requirements beforehand and then ignoring them??"

"I bet that she wouldn't demand to wear a white gown to a western-style wedding simply because she liked white," one user added. "So, it is curious that since it is a culture not her own that she doesn't see the need to respect not wearing the same color as the bride."

"How incredibly selfish can she be that she bought a sari in the color you specifically told her not to buy," another user commented. "Then when you reiterate that she'll be wearing the same colors as your sari, she won't change. She doesn't sound much like a friend to me."

Newsweek reached out to u/AITAmaybebridezilla for comment.

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