Internet Supports Man Who Angrily Chucked Husband's Dinner in the Garbage

A man has taken to Reddit to share why he threw his husband's dinner in the trash - and the internet has rallied around him in support.

The post was shared on the forum "AmItheA**hole", where people ask for advice on whether they have acted reasonably.

It begins with the man explaining that they have a "rather small kitchen" so he has frequently asked his husband to stay away when he is preparing food because "there's just no room for two people."

The Redditor added that the husband "constantly ignores this request."

He then revealed: "Last night, he came into the kitchen at kind of a critical point while I had stuff in the frying pan and was preparing stuff at the counter.

"He stood in front of the stove and I was just waiting for him to move so that I could get to it.

"Then he said 'this looks like it's burning, are you even gonna do anything?'"

The man shouted at his husband to move "in exasperation" but this just led to him "lecturing me to not yell at him, it's his kitchen too and he has every right to be in there also etc.

"By the time he finished, the stuff in the pan was well and truly burnt. So I scraped it into the trash and told him to go make his own fn dinner because it was his kitchen too."

The disgruntled home-cook ended his post by asking whether he was out of line.

Since it was shared on November 4, the story has garnered more than 11,400 upvotes on Reddit and has surpassed 1,155 comments.

The majority agreed with the man's actions, including CakeEatingRabbit who wrote: "My petty solution would be to just leave the kitchen every single time he does this and stop cooking. Order yourself something. Eat cereal. Be petty. Be consistent."

Another person, Immaeaglet, added: "If he saw it was burning why didn't he do anything? He sounds insufferable."

Treeaisle typed: "He knows the kitchen is too small, he knows you can't walk through objects, so he knew what he was doing."

SufficientPick7252 observed: "You threw away something that was burnt BECAUSE he wouldn't move. He could have easily asked what he could do to help if it was burning, but instead was just being difficult and in the way."

SnazzySusieQ commented: "Stop cooking. If he has the audacity to ask about dinner, tell him to cook it because it's his kitchen, too."

Destineysunshine asked: "But WHY does he keep going to the kitchen while you're cooking? Does he often just stand in front of the stove?

"Do dinners get burnt a lot? Is he wanting to be in there to talk and hear about your day? Like, what's his issue?

To this, the story poster responded: "Heh. C'mon, the kitchen becomes magnetic once the good cooking smells come wafting out and incites our childlike eagerness. I totally get that.

"Dinners do not often get burnt, this was a first time scenario."

food in bin
A stock image of someone scraping food into the trash. On Reddit, a man explained why he angrily threw his husband's dinner in the garbage. iStock