Internet Supports Woman Who Invited Brother's Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend to Live With Her

Commenters have come to the support of one woman who shared in a now-viral post that she invited her brother's pregnant ex-girlfriend to live with her and her husband.

Posting to Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum on Wednesday under the username u/rrraaaqq, the woman described her younger brother as sometimes being "a little bit of a jerk to women." So far, the post has received more than 7,700 up-votes and over 760 comments.

At the beginning of her post, she explained that she and her husband bought a four-bedroom home with the intention of filling it with children. But life didn't go according to their plan.

"... Unfortunately we lost our daughter at 33 weeks pregnant and after a few more losses we accepted we won't have any biological children," she wrote.

Now, she and her husband have two empty rooms used for storage. So, when she learned that her younger brother broke up with his girlfriend after getting her pregnant—and that his ex-girlfriend's parents kicked her out as a reaction to the pregnancy—u/rrraaaqq invited her brother's ex to move in with her and her husband.

"My brother flipped out at me and told me it was incredibly inappropriate for his ex-girlfriend to live with me, and that I'm just trying to use her kid to replace my dead one, and I'm choosing her over him if she lives in my house," she said.

"My parents agree it was incredibly inappropriate for her to live with me and that it wasn't any of my business on what happened to her, and I was jeopardizing my relationship with my brother by doing this," she concluded.

Newsweek reached out to u/rrraaaqq for additional comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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Redditors were supportive of u/rrraaaqq's decision to take in her younger brother's ex-girlfriend, despite her brother's feelings on the matter.

"WOW NTA [not the a**hole]. But your brother and parents are AHs [a**holes]. They would allow the mother of their child/grandchild be homeless? You are a good person in taking her in," commented u/WhichChest4981.

"NTA you're a great person. She's carrying your potential niece or nephew and has no other support," wrote u/BazTheBaptist.

"NTA. Your brother may be unhappy and uncomfortable with this situation, but he's also safe, has a roof over his head, and is casually avoiding taking any responsibility for his own behavior. In the meantime, this young woman has had her entire life thrown into disarray. ... You did good. You have given her a safe place to land while she figures things out, which is incredibly kind," added u/FoolMe1nceShameOnU.

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Commenters have come to the support of one woman who shared in a now-viral post that she invited her brother’s pregnant ex-girlfriend to live with her and her husband. ollinka/istock