Internet Supports Woman Who Left Boyfriend at Party After He Humiliated Her in Viral Post

A woman took to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum to recount her experience leaving her boyfriend at a party after he joked about her wetting the bed when she was sick.

Her post, which has nearly 21,000 votes, explained that throwaway4599062 felt sick one day and decided to spend the night with her boyfriend. Early the next morning, he woke the Redditor up and she discovered she wet the bed. Upon taking her temperature, which was 103.8 F, she went to the hospital and was kept overnight.

When she saw her boyfriend a few days later, the Redditor apologized for what happened. He told her it was OK and that he got her a gift.

"He pulled out a package of adult diapers and threw them at me," she wrote. "I told him that I didn't think it was very funny and explained that I was embarrassed, but he thought it was hilarious. I decided to let it go and talk about it later."

Later that evening, the couple went to a small party together and she drove. When her boyfriend had a few beers, he began telling other guests she wet the bed and that he bought her diapers, but didn't mention that she was sick or had a high fever.

"He encouraged my friends to joke about it, and after trying to explain but being talked over or laughed at, I left and went home," throwaway4599062 wrote.

She continued and wrote that her boyfriend was upset that she left without him and called her sensitive. Some of her friends, the Redditor noted, agreed with him.

YourTango published a piece about how an individual should respond when humiliated by their partner. When navigating through this situation, the individual is encouraged to not say "that's OK!"

That may send a mixed message and minimize the impact the action had on the individual.

"A better response is: 'Thank you, I accept your apology,' creating a clear premise that your partner must own their actions," the piece read.

Unhappy Couple
A Redditor published a post explaining that she left her boyfriend at a party after he embarrassed her by telling his friends what happened when she was sick. The boyfriend allegedly did not inform his friends that she was also sick and needed to got the hospital. fizkes/Getty Images

Fellow Redditors flooded the comments section to voice their support for throwaway4599062. In addition to criticizing her boyfriend, others also encouraged her to make new friends.

"Dump that guy AND the friends fast," one Redditor wrote. "A professor I had years ago said you should surround yourself with people who were in your cheering section. Neither the bf or the friends are in your cheering section—your life will be MUCH better without them."

Another commenter wrote that while a friend may laugh at first, they should also ask what happened and if she was OK. The comment continued and stated that throwaway4599062's boyfriend was "horrible" and knew that bringing up her accident would be embarrassing.

Others pointed out the age difference between the two, as the Redditor stated she is 19 and her boyfriend is 25.

"It's almost like a 25 yr old is only dating a 19 yr old because he's not mature enough to get an adult girlfriend," a Redditor commented.

Another wrote: "This was such a classic case of 'dude only dates much younger girls because [women] his own age can't stand him.'"

Ultimately, the majority of commenters encouraged throwaway4599062 to break up with her boyfriend.

"Your boyfriend took a time when you were sick and vulnerable and decided to use it to get a cheap laugh from his friends with complete disregard for your feelings," a commenter wrote.