Interview: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck plays a pilot who volunteers for the Battle of Britain. He spoke with NEWSWEEK's Jeff Giles.

I haven't longed to write a screenplay again. I've been writing stuff just personally for me.

[Laughs] Just single-word stuff, actually. Sometimes I'll write down just root or energy.

Yes. Or snowflake.

Well, I'm looking for a buyer.

Yes, Miramax was really savvy. I think, in a real cynical way, they were like, "We are going to sell the bejesus out of this angle!"

That was the day after the Oscars. These people, like, hounded us from the gate. We ran and got in the tram--and they got in, too. And then there wasn't any more chase dynamic, so we all just kind of stood there. We're really not worth chasing down.

Yes, it happens. You'll be like, "Goddammit, where is this limousine?! I've been waiting for fiveminutes!"

Right. But then you think, "What are you, Madonna? Relax."

They were pissed. Those guys are so precious about their f--king planes. It's like, "Look, guys, either don't rent them--or accept the fact that they're going to have to be turned on and peddled around."

What did he say?

[Big smile] Josh is already learning to be so political! I have weaknesses which could be used against me quite deftly. My weaknesses would probably be that... see, if I tell you my weaknesses then you'll use them against me next time you and me compete over a woman. But I wouldn't even go up against Josh. The wise general knows when not to fight.