An Interview With Escobar's Son

NEWSWEEK's Brian Byrnes attended a screening of Sins of My Father with Marroquín last week in Buenos Aires, where they chatted about Marroquín's notorious father. Excerpts:

What was it like meeting with the sons of your father's victims?
I thought we would sit down and have a coffee and chat before we filmed the interviews, but [director] Nicolas [Entel] wouldn't allow it. He insisted we show exactly what happened from the very first moments. Nothing was manipulated.

You met only with the children of your father's famous victims. But thousands of others died at his hand.
It is difficult to calculate how many people suffered because of my father. In the film, I offered my apologies to the Galán and Lara families, and to all of Colombia, for the acts committed by my father.

Your father was a violent man. You are your father's son. Do you have a capacity for violence?
I think we all have a nuclear-like energy. For the past 15 years, I have been trying to use my energy as a source of good. We are all potential criminals, I have simply chosen not to be one.

Do you want to have children?
I never wanted to have kids until now because I didn't want a kid to suffer the same circumstances I did because of his father. My intention is to have a child if we are blessed with one, and my hope is that my child can go to the park quietly, something that I couldn't do myself.