Introducing Our New Commenting System


So, we have a new site! Today we roll out a nice new design that we think will make a much more intuitive, readable, and useful place to show off our stories--and to hear what you think. One of the features we're most excited about is a vastly improved commenting experience that should make reader feedback much more enjoyable. Our new commenting system is by JS-Kit. It's a really great platform used by many other Web sites, including Slate and CNET.

The upside: It's faster and easier to start commenting on our site. You can now log in to comment using a number of common services, including Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and OpenID; if you're already logged into another site that uses JS-Kit, we'll remember which account you've been using, and you'll be ready to comment right away. You'll also be able to easily share your comments across those platforms, and you can now ask to be notified by e-mail whenever someone responds to your comments. Comments are threaded, easier to read, and you can now add images as well.

The downside: Commenters used to our old system, which is being retired, will have to log in using one of these log-in names and will no longer be able to use their existing log-ins. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we really think the new system will provide more and better functionality to our users. (You can still manage your subscription to the print magazine here).Please let us know what you think. Remember that, as with all new Web sites, there will be glitches, strangeness, and some general funk, so if you see something, please say something, either in the comments below, or by sending an e-mail to

Thanks, and welcome.