iOS 12 Release: Battery Life Problems, Alarms Not Working, Other Bugs

As soon as the new iOS 12 was released iPhone users were ready to download and try out all the new features like Memoji, Siri shortcuts and the new designs in many of the apps. But some users have found that the upgrade isn't all they were hoping it would be.

Users have found that with the new software and all of its bells and whistles comes, for some, bugs with the software and a poor battery life.

Bugs with iOS 12:

Some users find the bugs in the software before they even have the new version of iOS fully loaded onto their device. For some the issues actually happen when they're trying to download the new iOS in the first place.

Some users took to Twitter to either seek help or advice about their issues with iOS 12 or just to complain. One user asked Apple for support when their device was frozen on the "preparing to update" page and then produced an error screen. They're not the only user to experience such an issue. Apple Support replied to this user and asked them to try using a different internet connection.

@AppleSupport I try to download IOS 12 on my phone and iPad but it just says “preparing to update” for a while then a error, yes i have enough storage, and yes i tried deleting the update in storage and trying again

— Damian (@damianyuh) September 19, 2018

My phone has been preparing iOS 12 for like everrrrr 😴

— R e 🍂 (@Reganadlammm_) September 18, 2018

Other users got stuck with a "verifying update" notice. Those users also took to Twitter to seek help on their update.

Another bug has resulted in some iPhone users waking up very late. The bug has reportedly caused the alarm clock on some devices to not go off, causing some people to oversleep. Several users took to Twitter to seek help from Apple Support.

I swear iOS 12 has stopped my alarm going off the the last 2 days 😩 help pls @AppleSupport

— Vicky (@toriahill25) September 20, 2018

Other users experienced some of their apps unexpectedly closing after opening it with the new software. This could be a result of the new software or a lack of compatibility somewhere between the software and the app.

Battery life with iOS 12:

In addition to the bugs that have been rendering some apps and services unusable other users have been experiencing one of the worst side effects of a new iOS, poor battery life.

Apple Support was responding to some users on Twitter about their battery life, though the account was simply asking users to contact them with more information rather than offering a fix.

We're here to help and know battery life is important. Let's work together and look into this a bit more. DM us, and we'll get started.

— Apple Support (@AppleSupport) September 20, 2018

One user tweeted that as they were using FaceTime they saw their battery life decrease by a whole percentage every three seconds. Another user tweeted that ever since updating their battery drains "SO quick."

Most users should see their battery life improve again after a few days with the new software. Once the software has been on the device for a few days it's had a chance to do a lot of the internal cleaning and sorting within the device. Once it's done working through the data on the device, it doesn't use as much background power.

Users can actually check information about their battery use and level in settings once they have iOS 12. This can be checked by going to settings and then battery, the statistics then appear.

The iPhone X is displayed during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus on September 12, 2017. in Cupertino, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images