iOS 12 New Memoji Feature: How to Make and Use It

With the release of iOS 12, iPhone users are now able to test out all the new features that come along with the update the update. One of the most popular is the new Memoji— sort of a combination of Bitmoji and Anamoji that allows users to create a moving emoji of themselves.

The Memoji is highly personalizable, allowing users to choose nearly every feature so their personal emoji matches how they look and feel about themselves. Users can adjust the hairstyle and color, skin tone, eye color and shape, accessorize with glasses or hats and more. They can even make some of their features bright colors like pink or purple.

The new feature is only available for iPhone X users, however, and even those who download the new iOS 12 but have a phone older than the X won't be able to use the new feature.

How to create a Memoji:

iPhone X users should open up messages and then select the new message icon indicated by the pen writing on paper, they can also open up a conversation they have already started. Once in that conversation, they can tap the monkey emoji and swipe right to start making their Memoji. Users should just tap "New Memoji" to start customizing their virtual selves. Once a user taps "done," they can use their Memoji.

How to use Memoji:

Users can again open up messages and either enter an existing conversation or start a new one and then select the monkey symbol. This time, they should swipe left and pick the Memoji they want and then look into the front camera on their phone. Once the Memoji is open, a user can select the record button from the bottom right corner of the screen and record a message, they should hit the button again for the recording to stop.

iPhone X users can also use Memoji while FaceTiming by selecting the symbol that resembles a star once they're live in FaceTime. The Animojis and Memojis the user has will appear at the bottom for them to select one and then they can facetime as their animated self.

Users can sort or remove any old Memoji they have by going into their messages again and tapping the monkey emoji in either an existing conversation or a new one and then tapping the "..." next to the Memoji. They'll then have the option to edit the Memoji or delete it completely.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks using his Memoji during a group FaceTime call on stage during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, on June 4. Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images