iOS 15 Feature Will Allow Users to Add COVID-19 Vaccine Cards to Their Apple Wallet

Thanks to a new update for iOS 15, iPhone users will soon be able to store an electronic version of their COVID-19 vaccination card in their Apple Wallet.

iOS 15 launched earlier this week and introduced several new features, such as an improved Apple Maps, a "Shared with You" section that helps you keep track of files that have been sent over messages, and various enhancements for the FaceTime app. In addition to all of this, the Apple Wallet was also significantly expanded.

How Does the Apple Wallet Work?

For those who are not aware, Apple Wallet enables you to store digital copies of things like event tickets, ID cards, boarding passes, credentials and even car keys on your iOS device (either an iPhone or Apple Watch).

For the latest iOS 15 software update, its functionality was increased so that you can now also use it to unlock your home, hotel room or office.

Verifiable Vaccine Cards to Be Added to Apple Wallet

As detailed in a new developer blog, yet another feature is coming to the iOS 15 version of Apple Wallet, enabling you to download and store verifiable health records. According to the post, users can currently store things like COVID-19 test results and immunizations in the Health app, and this will later be expanded to support vaccination cards in Apple Wallet as well.

Adhering to the SMART Health Cards specification, this feature will enable you to share your vaccine passport with approved third parties. In other words, you will be able to present a digital version of your card (as seen in the picture below) at places like airlines, restaurants or event venues that require proof of vaccination for entry.

If you choose to do so, it will be on a strictly one-time basis, meaning that the other party will not keep a record of your vaccine passport. Instead, it will be functionally the same as just presenting them with a physical card.

How to Add Health Records to Your Apple Wallet

The vaccination card feature is not yet available through Apple Wallet, but will be added later this year.

According to the Apple developer post, once it is ready any organization that issues SMART Health Cards will have access to a new button, which instructs users on how to download and store their vaccination information. By using this upcoming facility, you will be able to add your digital vaccination card to your Apple Wallet.

When it comes to storing other health records (such as test results) you are now able to add those through QR codes to the Health app. In a nutshell, healthcare providers will send you a QR code to scan with your iPhone camera and, from there, you can import the corresponding records into your app. In some instances, you can also import records into the Health app via a downloadable file.

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Vaccine Card in Apple Wallet
Image shows what a vaccine card will look like in your Apple Wallet. Apple