Iowa House Candidate Steve King Says Socialists Were Nazis Too, Gets Schooled on Twitter

Representative Steve King, of Iowa, has retweeted the views of a white supremacist on Twitter… again.

On Wednesday afternoon, King, a Republican who has over 98,000 followers, quote-tweeted Lana Lokteff, an American white nationalist and white supremacist who hosts the YouTube channel Red Ice. In the tweet, King incorrectly claimed that both Liberals and Nazis were socialists.

“’Nazi’ is injected into Leftist talking points because the worn out & exhausted ‘racist’ is over used & applied to everyone who lacks melanin & who fail to virtue signal at the requisite frequency & decibels. But...Nazis were socialists & Leftists are socialists,” King wrote in the retweet of Lokteff’s post.

Lokteff’s original post was about U2 singer Bono, who recently ridiculed Sweden over the rising power of the Swedish far-right. “According to Bono if your Swedish kids look like this, they are Nazis,” she wrote alongside an image of three blonde children. “No, they are adorable & everyone knows it!”

Lokteff and her husband Henrik Palmgren host Red Ice, a “pro-European” site that regularly warns of “white genocide.” Over the years, Lokteff has peddled ideals espoused by revisionist historians and denied the Holocaust and Native American genocide. She also opposes feminism and has publicly criticized women that have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

“For me,” she once told Rolling Stone, “looking into these things doesn’t mean, ‘Oh, I hate Jews.’ It’s like, ‘This many Jews didn’t die, alright?'”

Shortly after King’s post, several Twitter users took to the comments section to debunk his claim.

“Mein Kampf describes in painstaking detail that Hitler considered the Socialists to be his enemies, and what he did to fight against them. So you start off by being wrong. If being wrong was your goal, mission accomplished,” one user pointed out. “He's incredibly clear about it. It's not in a sentence or two, but described for dozens if not hundreds of pages. He tried to appropriate their color (red) and nomenclature (socialist) to frustrate them.”

Another added: “Idiot congressman who failed history.  Fascism is nothing at all like socialism and fascists killed socialists in Italy and Germany.  Fascism is dirigiste, where private enterprise and profit are encouraged but also expected to help the aims of the state.”

RTS1HHY3 Congressional Representative Steve King, an Iowa Republican, speaks to the media after a Colonel Bud Day memorial pheasant hunt near Akron, Iowa, on October 28, 2017. King retweeted a known white supremacist on Twitter on Wednesday and claimed that socialists were Nazis. Reuters

King’s rehashing of Lokteff’s views is just his latest public endorsement of white supremacist ideals. Last March, King tweeted his support for anti-immigration Dutch politician Geert Wilders. “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies,” he wrote.

In June, King tweeted a Breitbart News article posted by controversial British neo-Nazi Mark Collett claiming that a majority of under-35 Italians now oppose mass migration.

“Europe is waking up,” King wrote in the retweet. “Will America...in time?”

King, an eight-term Republican, will be facing re-elections on November 6. According to a recent poll, he is expected to win over Democratic opponent J.D. Scholten in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.