Iowa Woman Stabbed Three Times While Running in Random Attack: 'She Was Approached by a Male From Behind'

Police in Ames, Iowa have warned of an ongoing threat to the public after a woman was stabbed while she was running, in what appeared to be a random attack.

At around 7:40pm, the woman was out for a run between 5th and 7th Street on Carroll Avenue, near Bandshell Park when she was stabbed, according to a statement from Ames Police Department.

The suspect was a white male, around 6ft tall, with dark hair, dressed in a dark t-shirt featuring lettering, and jeans.

"We want everyone to be aware there may be an ongoing threat to the public," the department warned on Facebook. "Please stay safe," the force said.

Ames Police Department Cmdr. Jason Tuttle told CBS News affiliate KCCI Des Moines the victim was 22-years-old. The woman was texting when "she was approached by a male from behind."

The suspect hit her in the head with an object. He then stabbed her at least three times in the side of her body, before fleeing the scene.

The woman managed to get home, and called the police.

The victim was hospitalized on Sunday and found to have non-life threatening injuries. She was released on Monday morning. Her attacker remains at large.

Tuttle said the incident is particularly concerning as there is generally a relationship between a suspect and a victim.

"In this case we don't believe the victim knew the attacker," he said.

Following the stabbing, local resident Natasha Murrell told KCCI Des Moines: "I walk the dog every morning, so it was a little unnerving and nerve-wracking."

"I am a pretty vigilant person and I usually keep tabs on who is around me and stuff like that," she said. "[There's] definitely a heightened awareness."

On Sunday night, police canvassed the area near the stabbing, including downtown Ames and Bandshell Park, Tuttle told the Des Moines Register.

According to the Des Moines Register, the street is similar to the rest of Ames: "quiet with charming houses, mostly in good condition."

Officials hope surveillance video captured by homes may provide clues about the incident.

Jill Peterson, who also lives in the area, told the Des Moines Register: "My neighborhood's not a violent neighborhood. Nothing's ever happened before like that, and I've lived here for nine years."

She added: "We're kind of a little bit shocked and surprised. I definitely didn't imagine somebody was going to get hit over the head, stabbed just while they were out and about running, minding their own business."

Police have urged those who witnessed the incident or have any information which could help the investigation to call 239-5133.

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Police are looking for a man who stabbed a woman in an Iowa park. A stock image shows a woman running in a park. Getty