What About the Earbuds? Everything You Need to Know About the New iPhone Accessories

Apple officially announced their newest iPhones today, although the product's design was leaked over the weekend. If your loyalty to Apple is strong enough that you'll drop $699 for the new iPhone 8—or nearly $1,000 for iPhone X—then you'll be glad to know that there are products already on the market to spruce up your gadget.

Historically, new iPhones have always come with necessary accessories—the charging device and headphones. But in case you need extras, or want to upgrade, here are some accessories that you can shop for now.

Wireless Headphones

Apple killed the wired headphones with the iPhone 7, and the auxiliary jack is not coming back with the new model. Instead, the iPhone 7 came with two in-ear buds that use bluetooth to transmit sound from the phone to your ears. The new versions still have no headphone port, meaning you'll have to connect your headphones with bluetooth (unless you want to try a workaround).

Or you can go with the flow. After all, wireless headphones can't get tangled in your pocket or caught on your handle bars. PCMag has put together a helpful list of the best wireless headphones to choose from.

Charging cord
If you have an iPhone 5, 6, or 7, your charging cord is an Apple Lightning cord. There is a charging jack on the bottom of the new phone, so you'll still be able to use all those Lightning cords you already have. However, the new iPhone has the ability to be charged wirelessly. Apple has created a wireless charging mat that you simply lay your device on, though no word yet on whether this will come with the iPhone or whether you'll have to buy it separately. The iPhone 8 and X will also be compatible with third-party wireless chargers, such as the ones from Mophie and Belkin.

Other accessories

Cases that should fit the new phone are already available. However, you may want to think twice before getting a thick or metal iPhone case. In Samsung phones, thick cases can make wireless charging and Samsung Pay challenging or impossible.

Several accessories designed for previous iPhone models, or just phones in general, will still go well with your new gizmo. You can get a universal phone mount for your handlebars, a Tile to help find it if it gets lost, and a camera kit to help you get the most of the state-of-the-art phone camera. And what accessory collection would be complete without a selfie-stick?

You can always go to Apple's own store to find accessories to go with your phone, but they don't have anything specific to the iPhone 8 or X at the moment.