iPhones with 'Fortnite' Installed List on eBay for Big Money After Apple Feud

Fortnite has only been delisted from Apple's App Store for about a week, but opportunists on eBay are already looking to cash in. Take a look at the popular auction site today, and you'll see thousands of listings for various versions of iPhones with Fortnite installed. Many of these posts are even bold enough to charge thousands of dollars for the privilege of having the now-removed app ready to go.

So does this mean people are truly willing to spend upwards of $1,000 just to play Fortnite on an Apple device? Not necessarily. Scroll through the listings, and you'll find that the vast, vast majority of them appear to have no bids at all despite their high sticker price. After all, not only would it be a colossal waste of money to spend that much on a game available on just about every platform outside iOS, but those looking for mobile Fortnite thrills could easily spend a couple hundred dollars on an Android tablet to enjoy a similar small-screen experience.

So why do these listings exist then? Merely to take advantage of the uneducated few who don't realize how absurd the notion of paying $1,000 to play a widely available (and free) game actually is. And, in our cursory search, it would appear that some customers may be getting duped at the time of publication.

While not totally insane, this listing for $90 features 18 bids, showing what would appear to be a fairly active auction.

iphone with fortnite ebay
'Fortnite' scammers are charging big money for iPhones with the app installed. How much would you pay to play? 'Fortnite' is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Android. Ebay

On the higher end of the spectrum, this listing for $4,300 has two active bids. At least one of those could be faked in an effort to attract further attention to the bid war, but it's still interesting to watch nonetheless. This is especially true considering the ludicrous price tag stretches far beyond the value of the device itself in a way that suggests having Fortnite is the true point of the purchase.

iphone with fortnite ebay 4300
This listing for $4,300 is just plain wrong. Ebay

This bizarre trend emerges a few days after Epic's Fortnite was removed from the Google Play and App Stores for flagrantly violating Apple and Google's in-app payment agreement that requires game developers to surrender 30 percent of all sales profits to the platform holder. In a stealthily released update, Epic circumvented this stipulation with a direct pay method that offered Fortnite's V-Buck currency at a reduced rate.

As a result of this maneuver, both Apple and Google opted to remove Fortnite from their respective storefronts. This is a particularly difficult issue for iOS users, though, who can only install apps via the App Store. Even though Fortnite is not listed on Google Play, Android users can still install the game via the Fortnite website or Samsung stores. Epic suggests it disregarded the rules in an effort to advocate for more favorable pay cuts for developers on mobile platforms while shining a light on what it sees as monopolistic tendencies on behalf of Google and Apple. Earlier this week, the Cupertino tech giant ratcheted up its rhetoric by allegedly revoking Epic's App Store developer license, a move that could eventually impact all mobile games made with Epic's Unreal Engine technology.

It remains to be seen how Fortnite on iPhone will continue to exist for those who have the app installed, but prominent dataminers like FireMonkey have suggested that Fortnite 13.40 will still work on Apple devices for the foreseeable future. The situation will become splinted when Season 4 starts towards the end of the month, cutting Apple users off from the new content. With that in mind, don't spend insane amounts of money to play an eventually outdated version of Fortnite on an iPhone.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

How much would you pay to play Fortnite on your iPhone? What do you think of Epic's feud with Apple? Tell us in the comments section!

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