iPhone XS and XS Max: Five Reasons You Should Wait for the iPhone XR

Apple fans rejoice, the new iPhones have officially been unveiled. On Wednesday, Tim Cook and a few other Apple higher-ups announced the Apple Watch 4 and three new iPhones—the XS, XS Max and XR.

Awkward and wordy names aside (iPhone Excess? Or Tennis?) these updates were only ever going to be incremental. Speed boosts through a new processor, a slightly improved camera and a new color… This has been Apple's 'S' formula for years.

And while the fans will flock to the uber-expensive iPhone XS Max, Apple's third iPhone announcement could be its most impressive. But what exactly is the iPhone XR? Long story short, it's the iPhone 9—a strange mixture of the iPhone XS and the old iPhone 8. You've got an LCD screen, single camera and aluminium build. More importantly, though, it's going to become the iPhone for the masses.

The new iPhone XR. Apple

Here's five reasons you should buy an iPhone XR, not an iPhone XS or XS Max.

1. The price

Yeah, that one is pretty obvious. Starting at $749, the XR is by far the most affordable model. It can rise to $899 if you buy the 256GB storage model, but the sweet spot is the $799 128GB model. $50 to double your storage, that's a good deal.

Now let's look at the alternatives, the XS and XS Max. The base model 64GB XS will cost $100 more than the top end XR. Starting at $999, it's still a ridiculously expensive smartphone. Rumors circulated prior to the event that Apple might drop the price now that OLED display shortages had been sorted—you can also find this rumor in the dictionary under "wishful thinking." Apple were never going to drop the price.

And for those flush with cash, the XS Max starts at $1,099 and rises all the way up to $1,449. That's more than the base model MacBook Pro… Or put it this way, you could get two 64GB XRs or one 512GB XS Max. Wow.

The new iPhone XR. Apple

2. Color options

Who else has missed a bit of vibrancy in the smartphone realm? Not since the (admittedly failed) iPhone 5C has Apple offered these sorts of colors on an iPhone—save for the odd Product Red model.

The range is great as well; pick from black, white, blue, yellow, coral and Product Red. Amazingly, Apple even managed to bite its tongue and steer clear of ridiculous names such as "Space Gray." Black is black, and blue is blue. Coral gets a pass, you could call it pink, but coral is a thing as well.

The new iPhone XR. Apple

3. It's not missing a lot from the XS

When the 5C launched, it was a plasticky version of the older model iPhone 5. The new processor and camera was only gifted to the 5S. Apple has avoided the same mistake this time. The iPhone XR will ship with the new A12 Bionic chip. That is great news.

You're still getting the iPhone X-style screen, FaceID, wireless charging, water and dust proofing (although not quite as strong).

The shortcomings are only in the screen quality—LCD not OLED—and the single camera lens. Just keep in mind the single camera is the same as the iPhone XS and XS Max.

The new iPhone XR. Apple

4. It's got the best battery

That's right, despite Apple not making a big deal about this at the event, the iPhone XR will have the longest battery life of the three phones. It exceeds the iPhone XS in every category by between one and five hours of life. That includes talk time, internet use, video playback and audio playback.

What's that you say, it's because its bigger in size? The XR also matches or exceeds the XS Max in every category. Talk time and audio playback is the same, but the XR can get an extra two hours of internet use and one extra hour of video. And yes, the XR is smaller than the XS Max.

Maybe that LCD screen isn't so bad after all?

The new iPhone XR. Apple

5. You don't need an XS or XS Max

Paying almost twice as much for a bigger OLED screen and second camera is just ridiculous. The iPhone XS and XS Max have well and truly entered into the luxury product category—you just don't need it.

Yes, OLED looks better and the camera takes better snaps. And if you have the money, go for it. But the iPhone XR is poised to become the smartphone of the everyday iOS person. Get on board early, make a color your own and sit smugly when your friends need to get their $1,500 phone fixed.