Three-Year-Old Boy Becomes Youngest Person to Join Mensa UK: How to Find Out Your IQ Score and Apply to Mensa

A three-year-old boy from the UK has become the youngest person to join Mensa UK, as reported by CNN.

Scoring 142 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test, Muhammad Haryz Nadzim is in the 99.7th percentile of IQ scores. So how can you take the IQ test and apply to join Mensa?

To become a member of Mensa, an individual must achieve a score that places them in the top two percent of the population. Firstly, their IQ is determined by taking a supervised two-hour-long test which features logic and deductive reasoning questions.

Mensa will mark the test and if an individual achieves a score that is better than 98 percent of the population, the individual will be invited to join Mensa.

Alternatively, if an individual has achieved a qualifying score on a test at school, college, or the military, this score can be used to apply to Mensa, no matter when the test was taken.

A qualifying score varies by test —for example, someone taking the Cattell test would need a score of 148 to qualify and someone taking the Stanford-Binet 5 test would need a score of 130 to qualify.

Additionally, once somebody has joined Mensa, they do not need to test again to remain eligible.

students school exam test
Students sitting an exam in school. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

The IQ score determined by Mensa's test can be affected by external factors including lack of sleep or stress, so it is possible to complete the test multiple times, which could produce different scores. However, Mensa says that an individual's score generally does not vary by more than five points.

The IQ test can only be taken by people aged 14 or over, but children younger than 14 can find out their IQ scores through an assessment by an educational psychologist, which Nadzim, the youngest Mensa UK member, did.

Nadzim is a Malaysian boy from Durham, England, who joined his school's honor roll for advanced students in math and reading in September 2019. He completed the Stanford-Binet test and was assessed by a psychologist who determined his high IQ score.

John Stevenage, the chief executive of British Mensa, told CNN: "Well done to Haryz on his invitation to join Mensa. He is obviously a very bright young man and we are delighted to welcome him to Mensa."

When somebody joins Mensa, they must pay a membership fee that's determined by their age. The younger the applicant, the higher the fee. Mensa members have access to discounts at brands including Dell and Office Depot, and Mensa members under the age of 18 can attend social events, apply for scholarships, access lessons and more.

What is considered a high IQ?

According to the Mensa website: "Nearly 70 percent of the population has an IQ between 85 and 115 on most tests. The scores above 115 are generally considered as 'high IQ,' and those above 130 to 132 (depending on the test taken) are usually considered highly gifted and are in the top two percent of the population."

To find out your IQ score, take the Mensa admission test—you can search for your nearest testing session on the Mensa website. Tests cost $39.99 through January and prices may vary in February. To prepare for your test, you can take a 30-minute practice test for $9.99 through January.