From Iraq, U.S. Troops Write Home

Army Sgt. Gabriel De Roo
April 27, 2003

We were all in the rain for about 8 - 10 hours a couple nights ago and it made me think about what soldiers in WWII and Valley Forge had to deal with for example. I am proud to serve our country even if its is just helping the Iraqi people and I am so grateful for all the comforts available to us that previous soldiers have been without - and even more proud of those who have been asked to give so much more than I have. Thanks for being so supportive while I've been on this little vacation! …

July 15, 2004

Hi Mom,
I just wanted to say hi and that I am so excited to see all of you again; I'm having trouble falling asleep at night because all I can think about is home! Only three days 'til I leave this FOB, I think I fly to Kuwait on the 19th and should be in WA by the 21st … Wow, I can't even describe how excited I am to come home!!... See you soon.

Army Spc. Dennis K. Samson Jr.
June 2006 (poem)

This Sacrifice I give to you, this place we call home is now Iraq. This place we have to adapt.
This is the day that we cherish, to live each day as we can go home. To see our family & friends.

Having ice cream seems like heaven and having eight hours to sleep is better than seven.
So as I pick up my weapon, I tread across the path knowing it could be my day.
I hope not, but I accept it when I die.

What keeps me going is to live another day, to see my family, to see the soil.
What we go through you'll never see on the news. If you want to understand, look at my face, listen to my voice, it's everything about me, my wounds and scars, and my tears. Once you look into my eyes, you'll understand what I mean when I say this body

Is for you.
This sacrifice is for all of you so you can do what you want!
And not have to fear from all sorts of evil from domestic and foreign countries. Here I stand to protect what I believe. I hope this good enough for all of you, and if it's not, take another look, for I bleed for you. I do my best to do what's right and do what's most important, not for me but for this country.

I am infantry!!

Army Spc. Tristan Smith
Jan. 6, 2006

I've got 5 min. so here goes it a quick update. I spent new years eve in a mortar bunker in Bagdad. They put a show on for us. Not really a few mortar rounds landed in the area. I then took a Chinook under the cover of darkness. Harder to see, harder to shoot down the low flying, slow Helo. A flight ahead of ours got shot at by and RPG. This made our flight a little more intense. We made it here to camp Taji with no problems though. The mailing address I sent out will work just fine they have us camped out near our old company so I can run over and get mail from them. … Things here are really bad. The area is very hostile. It is very very hard to find the bad guys. Everyone has AK's and pistols. They are aloud to carry. We cannot fire until fired at pretty much. So a few rounds will fly over your head and before you can ID who shot at you they are gone. The small arms fire is no big deal. It's the road side bombs that will get you.

Everyone who hasn't been out side of the wire yet are dying to get out there. I think they have lost there minds. Too young to really understand. That is until they see someone one get really hurt or killed. Well I'll get into details more when I have more time I've got to run now.

Aug. 17, 2006

Well I think someone is really out to get me know. I got blown up in another humvee again tonight. That makes 2 humvees and a bradley since I've been here. We were headed back in from patrol. I saw the bag on the side of the road just in time. I was up on the gun and ducked down as the driver turned away from the blast. No one got hurt. Our Platoon leader who was riding shot gun got a good scare though. A big piece of shrapnel almost went through the windshield right in front of him.Thank you all for your prayers. THEY ARE WORKING!
Your Brother, Tristan

Army Spc. Jacob T. Vanderbosch
(letter to brother and sister, sometime between Sept. 15-25, 2005)

Hey how you doing? Hope everythings going good back there. You guys better be doing your homework. I'm just chillin up here in Northwestern Iraq. We've done one 3 day mission so far and have a real long one coming up. I'm staying in a big tent right now with bunk beds. We should hopefully be moving into trailers in the next month here. I tell you Iraq isn't much but flat land, sand, and dust. Every once in a while there will be little sand storm from the wind. They actually have a Subway and Burger King here on base. It doesn't taste the same though. They also have this big tent with pool and ping pong tables too. The lines for phones and internet are crazy. Sometimes up to 3 hours. Remember when I got hit in the thumb by that golf club last time I was home. Well that nails about to fall off. It's pretty grose. Im trying to get as many pictures as I can to show you how it is over here and what we do. I am currently on guard right now writing this letter. It seems like as the days go by we have more work to do. We are training all day everyday with a few hours of free time at night unless you want to stay up late. That just means you'll get less sleep that night. Overall things are going good. We are really going to be doing what we came here to do now. Which is mainly get all the bad guys out of here or in jail. We all got new humvee trucks right when we got here. The armor on it is pretty thick. Theres not much else going on so I guess I'll talk to you two later.


Army Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Scott Lourey
Feb. 10, 2004

Things are good and getting better, our time here is getting shorter and shorter. I am certainly ready to go home, all though I fear that I will be back here sometime soon. Somebody sure did get us into a messy situation over here. The funny thing these people I work with don't blame the administration. Seems odd. It is like they are blind.

Anyway that is probably enough politcal talk. I just want to see the wife and the house she has been working on. It would be nice to live with a real roof over my head and not to have to walk 1/2 a mile for a shower that is probably cold. I think winter is over here, that is nice. It was surprisingly cold.

I'm not sure what good I did in the big picture of the world, but I think I kept some of our guys alive and that will have do.


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