Iraqi Ambassador to the U.N.: ISIS Harvests Organs for Profit

United Nations Security Council
The Iraqi ambassador to the U.N. has told the Security Council, above, that ISIS is making money from organ harvesting. Carlo Allegri/Reuters

ISIS is known for generating big bucks from illegal oil sales and ransom payments. But now a United Nations ambassador is claiming that the terrorist organization's money comes from another dark place: organ harvesting.

Mohamed Alhakin, the Iraqi ambassador to the U.N., told the Security Council that bodies with surgical incisions and missing organs, particularly kidneys, have been found, according to The Associated Press,

"We have bodies. Come and examine them," Alhakin told the council. "It is clear they are missing certain parts." The ambassador also said 12 doctors in Mosul had been "executed" for refusing to harvest organs on behalf of ISIS.

Nikolay Mladenov, head of the U.N. assistance mission in Iraq, said reports of organ harvesting by ISIS have become more frequent. "It's very clear that the tactics ISIL [ISIS] is using expand by the day."