Inside This Week's Magazine: Ireland's Abortion Battle, Al-Qaeda in Syria and the BYOB Capitol of the World

Our cover story in this week's issue of Newsweek Europe is on the battle over abortion in Ireland. The country is getting ready for a general election on February 26, and one of the key issues is the 8th ammendment. That's a part of the Irish constitution that abortion rights activist want to be overturned. The ammendment guarantees a feutus the same right to life as the feutus's mother.

Also in the issue, staff writer Jack Moore has an exclusive look at a remarkable documentary about would-be suicide bombers from the al-Qaeda franchise in Syria. These two men come over as remarkably normal and human, even as they plan to do something that so much of the world finds completely alien.

In our Downtime section this week, Bruce Palling writes about the BYOB capital of the world - Hong Kong. In the city in southeastern China, customers bring their own bottles of wine to fancy dinners. This isn't just a $10 bottle of wine, but some of the best wines in the world. ANd it's ingrained in Hong Kong culture, to bring your own to dinner.

All this and more in the new issue of Newsweek Europe, on sale now.