Irish Girls in Hot Water After Morbid TikTok Coronavirus Guessing Game

A group of Irish girls are in hot water, after posting a video on TikTok of them trying to guess which of their friends will test positive for COVID-19.

After a night out on the town and a friend testing positive, the group all took videos saying who they thought would test positive and why. Allegedly, the friend who tested positive didn't know she had coronavirus when they went out. According to The Mirror, the girls are from Skerries, which is near Dublin.

The seven women list varying reasons why they think different people will test positive. Some of the reasons are simply that a friend is susceptible to illnesses or has been sick. Others mention friends who spent time with someone who had tested positive or had sat near them when they went out to dinner. Some revealed that after a few drinks they'd gotten a little more familiar with each other.

"I think everyone's gonna test positive, because I like to lick and share drinks with people when I'm drunk, and I also tested positive. So good luck," one of the girls said.

Someone posted about the video in the r/Ireland subreddit, saying that the girls were sixth year students in school (the equivalent to senior year of high school in the U.S.). The poster said that the girls worked in restaurants and stores around town, though that is unconfirmed.They also provided a little more context to the video and why the girls need COVID test.

"So the story is about 35 girls booked a party bus to take them down the country for a mini-debs type scenario. At least two of the girls had recently tested positive for covid," the user alleged.

The original TikTok seems to have been deleted, along with the girl's entire account on the app. Reddit users criticized the girls and said that the video is being shared by locals on social media, too.

People on the thread criticized the girls for not taking the virus seriously. Some people called for the girl who tested positive to face charges if she knowingly spread the virus. "If one was known to be covid positive before going on the bus, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law," the person wrote.

But the responses, interestingly, aren't all ire.

Some people have come to the girls' defense. As the video has circulated, some people have seemingly spread misinformation, alleging that the girls had a party to intentionally give each other the virus. An Irish journalist came to their defense, writing that while the TikTok wasn't a good idea, the girls simply made a mistake and weren't trying to further the spread.

A handful of people from one friend group in Skerries have covid. They did not have a party to intentionally spread it. The TikTok was a stupid thing to do yes, but those girls are not bad people. Get your facts right before spreading misinformation. Stop blaming the whole town.

— Ellen Fitzpatrick (@elinfizpitryk) August 31, 2020
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Staff wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) in the form of face shields and gloves serve people enjoying a drink in Belfast city centre on July 3, 2020, as pubs open their doors after the enforced closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. A group of girls in skerries have drawn criticisms on social media after one tested positive after a night out with friends. Getty/PAUL FAITH/AFP