'Iron Fist' Cast, Stunt Coordinator Breakdown Three Season 2 Fight Scenes

The opening scene of Iron Fist Season 2 was shot on a chilly New York evening with single-digit temperatures. Danny Rand, played by Finn Jones, completely disassembles the front end of a truck with a single punch. He adjusts his yellow scarf over his chin and readies for battle, eventually lowering to one knee for his signature pose. "We felt that a close quarters fight with multiple people in a rhythmic way of him destroying the earth was a good way to open the season," stunt choreographer Clayton Barber tells Newsweek, with stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick listening intently seated beside him.

"We established a new rhythm, a new style for Danny. We wanted to make sure that Finn was performing the stunts as much as he could," Barber, who also worked on films such as Black Panther and Blade, said. "I thought that was very important to make it believable for the character and the universe. Finn can play the scene without doing so many abrupt cuts. That scene really defines the tone of the show, and opens with a bang."

The second scene previewed to Newsweek features both Danny Rand and Colleen Wing. The fight begins in the dining room of a restaurant but the two eventually split up, with Colleen moving into the kitchen-- a perfect opportunity, Barber says, to explore the Hong-Kong style of fighting.

"This scene is special to me because it shows the transfer of the two simultaneously cutting back and forth," Barber explained. "You see the pure definition of a rock song. It's about the environment. It's about the bang. There is constant movement. In a restaurant, you have all these things--tables, chairs, cloths. I said, let's pay our respects to Jackie Chan, to that genre and use the environment fight, juxtapose it between the two going back and forth. The B story and the A story are helping each other with the rhythm and it's beautiful example of them working together.

"That kitchen fight was interesting because at that point her character was not in the mood for fighting. So we said what can she do at the beginning of this fight?" Barber continued. "When you see her get punched, it's almost like the turning moment. 'Oh enough of this.' But in the beginning, she has to use the environment because she's in a defense mindset not really trying to hurt them maliciously, she's just trying to avoid them. That's what makes that fight interesting. We'll have her be defensive and still be badass until that turn happens."

Henwick chimed in, "That kitchen scene, we didn't have a lot of leftover shit. We got what we needed. It was easier to sustain myself this season. It was better preparation. The way we filmed it was much more easy on the body, it was smart," she said, Jones nodding in agreement.

"It's really important to have someone like Clayton who we all trust be the eyes, because you can go through it but we don't really know what the camera is capturing," Jones added. "To have someone like Clayton say, 'No we've got this. I promise you. We are moving on.' It's nice to have that."

The third and final scene Newsweek previewed is what Barber describes as Colleen's signature fight. "It was my longest of the season and they gave us one day to get the fight," Henwick said. The context remains unclear, but the scene features Colleen Wing meeting the Crane Sisters in their tattoo parlor.

"It's a ballet with three very qualified people doing the fight-- Jean Tree and Lauren Kim. It was poetic moves going back and forth and it had to be rehearsed that way. The only cut is the one fall, and that's it. You are not hiding too much, and that's the beauty of this fight. We had three qualified, practiced performers and that's what makes that fight beautiful," said Barber. "You take a gamble with a fight like that, and you rehearse and rehearse, but we captured beautiful sweeping moments. Im very proud of her [Henwick] doing that fight. We wanted to have it moving circular, instead of the typical back and forth linear fight."

Henwick said the choreography is representative of where Colleen is in her Season 2 journey. "It's a nice moment where she takes off her jacket. She's given up fighting at the beginning of the show, and with the exception of that kitchen fight, there's not much until this, and this is the moment where she goes, 'Oh yeah I forgot I enjoy this.' We saw in season 1 with the cagefighting, she has a bit of an addiction to that adrenaline kick. It's nice to do fight scenes where the character are relishing it, especially as a female character you never get to see that."

The moment where Colleen takes off her jacket wasn't in the prepared choreography. "You leave yourself time for other creativity that might expose itself," Barber said, but he gives credit to Season 2 director Phillip John. "We were going to keep her jacket on because of the pads," he said, before Henwick interrupted with the full story.

"We were in this shitty, shitty tiny room," she explained. "Because there was so much crew packed in, it got so hot. I said, 'Phillip, can I please take off my jacket. I'm going to die.' Where we are walking around each other, he kept being like, 'Slower, slower take your time with it.' He wanted it to be signature moment and I'm glad he put his foot down with that."

What do you think of the fight scenes in the footage released so far? Let us know in the comments. Iron Fist Season 2 arrives on Netflix Sept. 7.