'Iron Fist' Season 2 Stars Talk Madame Gao, 'Defenders' Cliffhangers and Tease a Big Reveal

Iron Fist Season 2 arrives Sept. 7 on Netflix, and has a lot of ground to cover in just ten episodes. The last time we saw Danny Rand was in The Defenders, a very Iron Fist/Daredevil heavy storyline. While Iron Fist stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick say the second season will largely build on the questions and cliffhangers from The Defenders rather than address them directly, they did tease some exciting moments to think about before Friday. Jones and Henwick talk Madame Gao, the whereabouts of Darryl, the Crane Mother, Colleen and Danny's tumultous relationship, a mysterious "box" and more. Here are some memorable moments from our recent interview.

On The Defenders

the defenders recap iron fist season 2 midland circle
Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil. Marvel / Netflix

"The last thing Matt says to Danny is protect my city. That's the setup of season 2. He's taking on the vigilante role and that could have only come about through meeting Matt Murdock." — Finn Jones

"She cut her surrogate father's head off at the end of The Defenders and we didn't see her deal with it. We are watching a woman who has compartmentalized and who is incredibly guilty about screwing over all those kids she sent to The Hand."— Jessica Henwick

On Madame Gao

Davos and Joy talk while Gao eavesdrops. Marvel / Netflix

"Madame Gao isn't back this season, but the relationship with Joy and Davos [the final scene of Iron Fist Season 1] plays an important role." — Finn Jones

One of the early theories was that Gao was the Crane Mother. "She might be, but the Crane Sisters this season are awesome." — Finn Jones

Will we see any Crane Mother mythology? "Maybe not this season, but we definitely start to get deeper mythology of the Iron Fist." — Finn Jones

On Colleen Wing

collen wing misty knight iron fist season 2
Collen Wing and Misty Knight in 'Iron Fist' Season 2. Marvel / Netflix

"She finds a box in episode 1, and it seems like a nothing storyline, but the reveal will shock you. It brings up everything we've seen in season 1 and 2 into question. Was that fate? Was that destiny? Were they meant to meet in that park all along?" — Jessica Henwick

"I think Collen sees Misty as being more worthy of her badge and gun, and I don't think she sees herself as worthy of that katana. In Japanese culture, the way of the Samurai... it's not something you pick up and you put down easily. It's got a code. In season , she broke every code." — Jessica Henwick

On Danny and Collen's relationship

danny rand collen wing iron fist season 2
Danny and Colleen in 'Iron Fist' Season 2. Linda Kallerus/Netflix

"What the thinks is right and what she thinks is right is two different things, and that's hard to get over. We are seeing perhaps they don't have that much in common. In season 1, we have that line where Madame Gao says, "Danny will never be yours. He's promised to another. We never dive into it, but it's been foretold."— Jessica Henwick

"She's worried about Danny more than anything else because she sees in him what she had in season 1, which is an addiction to fighting. It's not about good or bad, he's getting a thrill about it. "Destroy the street," and this is her home."— Jessica Henwick

On The Hand

darryl iron fist season 2
What's up with Darryl? Marvel / Netflix

"The Hand is gone. We are telling a true Iron Fist story." — Finn Jones

"It was cut, but we find out Darryl is living rough again. He's gone back to how he was before. He's on the streets somewhere. If she could find out where he was, she would pursue him and all of her ex students to be like, im so sorry. It's just not the direction they took the season, but anything can happen down the line." — Jessica Henwick

On Davos

iron fist davos steel serpent season 2
'Iron Fist' arrives Sept. 7. Linda Kallerus/Netflix

"That Ku'n-Lun fight between Danny and Davos from the trailers was brutal. "They grew up together and love each other. But there's resentment. We [Sacha Dhawan] allowed ourselves to be vulnerable with each other and that's a wonderful thing to do with an actor, to be that raw." — Finn Jones

"It was Davos' birthright. Danny is the outsider who came in a took it. It's definitely a point of conversation."— Jessica Henwick