Isis memorabilia headed for Gaza seized by Israeli customs

Israel's custom authorities have seized 120 rings emblazoned with Isis insignia sent from Turkey and heading for Gaza, according to Israeli officials.

Staff at Israel's international airport intercepted a "delivery of 120 rings bearing an insignia associated with Daesh [another term for Isis] terrorist organisation", a statement released by the Israel Tax Authority said.

The rings were intercepted more than two weeks ago but the authority only announced the smuggling attempt today. The Israeli authority added that the rings were "prohibited propaganda" and were therefore destroyed. They have also made Israel's security services aware of the shipment.

The statement revealed that the rings were to be sent to a jeweller in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah with the aim of smuggling them into Gaza.

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"The thought that there are people who affiliate themselves with a murderous agenda like Isis is simply shocking," a source in Israeli customs told YNet News.

Another customs employee with knowledge of the situation told the Israeli outlet: "We immediately passed it to the security department. Although the importer declared the items as rings, it's considered to be incitement.

"We're talking about a Palestinian civilian and we have no right to open an investigation so we sent him a letter that the items would be destroyed and he has 30 days to appeal," the employee added. "Of course we also informed security forces and the Shin Bet immediately."

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Gaza has seen a number of Isis flags flown in the territory's southern region, the area nearest to the Sinai Peninsula where Isis's Egyptian affiliate has established itself and smuggling tunnels are prevalent.

Last November, leaflets emblazoned with the Isis flag were distributed in the territory while in February, a group claiming to be linked to Isis reportedly kidnapped and tortured Gaza journalist Mohammed Omer for eight hours before releasing him.

No official Isis affiliate has been established in the territory as of yet but the presence of flags has shown that the group have sympathisers within Gaza. Hamas, the radical Islamist group who have controlled the territory since 2007, have routinely denied the presence of Isis supporters.

Earlier this week, Israeli's Shin Bet security agency revealed that it had seized a package with 40 diving suits at the Nitzana customs terminal on the Gaza border, believed to be a smuggling attempt into the blockaded enclave for potential beach raids, such as one conducted in last summer's conflict when four Hamas divers landed on Israel's Zikim Beach during the IDF's Operation Protective Edge.

The suits are required to have a special license for import into the territory. Goods delivered to the Gaza and the occupied West Bank undergo thorough checks because of Israeli security concerns about what is entering the territories.

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