Inside This Week's Magazine: Slamming ISIS, Persian Rugs and Europe's Ayurvedic Spa

In this week's cover story of Newsweek Europe, we take a special look at Iraq. Late last year Iraqi special forces, withe the help of the US army, took back the city of Ramadi from the militant group ISIS. Our writer Jane Arraf visits Ramadi with the Iraqi military, and asks a key question: can they continue with their successful military campaign to push ISIS all the way out of Iraq?

Also in this week's issue, we look at the impact Iran's nuclear deal will have on the Persian rug market. It's been illegal for a long time to import Persian rugs into the United States, but that's no longer the case. So will this change mean that the rug makers of Iran finally get full access to the world's markets?

In our Downtime section this week, we visit the extraordinary Parkschlösschen, an ayurvedic spa not located in India, but in Germany. Parkschlösschen was created and is owned by a formerly stressed out German execvutive who visited an ayurvedic spa in India and decided to take the precepts back to his homeland.

All this and more in the new issue of Newsweek Europe, on sale now.