ISIS Fanatic Promises Future Wife To Commit Knife Attack As A Wedding Present

A British supporter of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) told his future wife that he would commit a knife attack as a wedding present, it was revealed in court on Thursday.

Ummariyat Mirza, a 21-year-old British national from Birmingham, Britain’s second city, is on trial in London with his wife Madihah Taheer. Both are accused of plotting extremist attacks. 

The pair argued about which had the most radical beliefs, and Taheer allegedly purchased a training knife and a life-size dummy for her husband for him to practice and prepare for an attack before he purchased a real $160 knife. She told him that she had a list of people she wanted him to “kill.” Her husband replied, saying that on their wedding day he would “kill ‘em all.” 

“Give me the list, the only thing that stops me is we are not married. I will defo, I’m not joking,” he wrote to his wife.

She told him that she would not give him the list unless he “put a ring on it.” 

Both were intent on killing, the messages showed. Mirza said he wanted to attack someone and stab them dozens of times “brutal and fast,” according to The Times. Taheer said that idea was “so satisfying” and that she wanted to also “kill in some way.”

Mirza bragged about how he was more conservative than his wife and had shown her the ways of radical Islamism.  "I'm more radical than you,” he said to her in a text message. 

"I introduced you to ISIS, and twitter and Jihad. You're my student,” he added. "Remember who brought you into this organisation. Don't forget the one who helped you to your position.”

10_13_London_ISIS Armed police block a London road after a car mounted the pavement and collided with pedestrians outside the Natural History Museum on October 7, 2017 in London, England. Leon Neal/Getty

Prosecutor John McGuinness said: "There is no doubt that Mirza did intend to commit terrorist acts in the U.K. and that he engaged in conduct in preparation for carrying out his intention.”

He continued: "He conducted online research on potential targets and victims of terrorist acts and on the means of committing such acts. Second, he purchased a training knife and then a real, and lethal knife."

Britain is dealing with one of the worst cases of homegrown radicalization in Europe, behind France and Germany, and it has suffered four ISIS-claimed attacks since the beginning of the year.

They were a car-ramming attack on Westminster bridge in March, a suicide bomb blast at an Ariana Grande Manchester concert in May, a van-ramming and knife attack in London Bridge in June and a partial explosion on a subway train in West London in September. 

The attacks killed 35 people and wounded dozens more. In another extremist attack, a man ran down Muslims outside a mosque in north London in June, killing one.

The threat level in Britain remains at ‘severe,’ meaning that an attack is likely. Some 800 British nationals travelled to fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria, officials estimate that more than half of those have returned to the country.