Islamic State Bans Math, Social Studies, Evolution in Classrooms

Douglas McAuthur McCain is the first American to die in the service of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Reuters

Murder, torture, and rape? Halal.

Math, social studies, sports, and music? Haram, according to the group which calls itself the Islamic State (formerly ISIS, ISIL, or QSIS, depending on whom you ask). The Salafist jihadi organization announced a new curriculum banning the study of a wide variety of subjects for students in areas of Iraq and Syria it controls, CNN reports.

Students will be forbidden to learn math, music, social studies (especially anything about elections or democracy), and even sports. Teachers who break the rules "will be punished," according to fliers posted in IS-controlled territory.

Students will instead learn all about "belonging to Islam," and how to "denounce infidelity and infidels."

Teachers will also be barred from using the phrase "Syrian Arab Republic," the official name of the country of Syria. They must instead refer to the territory as the Islamic State.

Finally, any reference to evolution will also be forbidden.