Issa Rae's Book Calls Filipinos 'The Blacks of Asians'

Issa Rae Calls Filipinos the 'Blacks of Asians'
Issa Rae arrives at the world premiere of Disney’s 'A Wrinkle in Time' at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood CA, Feburary 26, 2018. Rae sparked backlash when an exert of her 2015 book surfaced online on April 30, 2017. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Issa Rae has some dating advice for educated black women: Date Asian men, specifically Asian men that recognize as Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.

The advice, offered in Rae's 2015 book, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, sparked harsh criticism of the actress on Monday when an excerpt surfaced online. In the passage, Rae suggested for black women with a college education to "join forces in love, marriage and procreation" with Asian men, essentially because both groups were considered to be at the bottom of the dating pool.

However, her sentiments didn't sit well with some people on social media, particularly those offended by her comments regarding Filipino men, whom Rae seemed to suggest weren't "intelligent and hard workers" like other groups of Asian men. "Educated black women what better intellectual match for you than an Asian man? And I'm not talking about Filipino's, they're like the Blacks of Asians. I'm talking Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, et cetera," Rae wrote.

She added: "So black women, after college, maybe it's a good idea to settle in Los Angeles or anywhere else where Koreatown in a hotspot."

Some people took to Twitter to condemn Rae and her sentiments, calling the Insecure star's comments disrespectful. Some even accused Rae of supporting colorism and being discriminatory against Filipinos, some of whom have darker and browner skin tones than Asians from other countries.

My problem with Issa Rae saying Filipinos are the blacks of Asians is how she’s feeding into the colorism and internalized hate of Filipinos within the Asian community that exists

— AAPI HERITAGE MONTH (@jaehyunsnight) April 30, 2018

Issa Rae out here talking bout date Asian men because they are smart? Wait, sorry not Filipinos or those brown ones. Woo shit.

— Broken Man™️ (@Granddad_Sr) April 30, 2018

Y'all made this a black men vs. black women thing because of course, but if anybody should be mad at Issa Rae, it should be Filipino people.

— K E V I N (@KevChestnut) April 30, 2018

The ugliest part of Issa Rae’s comments was her Filipino comments. Why is nobody talking about that? That shit was tasteless af.

— Kurt Angle (@kissmeQuan) April 30, 2018

Meanwhile, there were others who took Rae's comparison of Filipinos and African-Americans as anti-black.

She said Filipinos are unsuitable dating options because we are the Blacks of Asia.

Where is your reading comprehension?

Issa Rae is the one who said that neither blacks or Filipinos are suitable matches for dating.

— hello gorgeous (@SteveBSanchez81) April 30, 2018

And btw @IssaRae said some really f*cked stuff about Filipino men. and Filipinos, in general. While at the same being extremely Anti-Black, as well. If it was supposed to be ✌️ satire✌️it was very *poorly* executed ✌️satire✌️.

— ZZ (@SpanishIdaho) May 1, 2018

Despite the backlash, when it comes to interracial marriage in America, Asians are actually the most likely to find love outside of their race. According to a 2017 Pew Research report, 29 percent of Asians, including Pacific Islanders, were married to someone of a different race in 2015, while 27 percent of Hispanic newlyweds came from different racial backgrounds. Meanwhile, only 18 percent of blacks married someone outside of their race, compared to only 11 percent of whites.